Kara Ann Marie: Keeping On EP Review


17th January saw Kara Ann Marie drop her debut EP Keeping On via Orphan No More. I’ve head this delectable 4 track release and honestly I was extremely impressed. Kara has something extremely special and Keeping On is literally a masterpiece. This first offering bears the sound of becoming. It’s an honest and simple reflection of the last decade, filled with the rich and timeless tones of gospel, folk and captivating poetry.

Kara grew up on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada before moving to England where she now lives with her husband Joshua Luke Smith. Together they founded indie label Orphan No More which seeks to develop artists and create art that speaks into the chaos and ignites the dreamer in each person.

Not only an impeccable songwriter, Kara recently became a certified counsellor and has combined her creative process with a her therapeutic one, saying “These songs are what I needed to hear, personally, to walk through each season over the last few years. They profess both my belief and lack of it during times of loss, fulfillment and everywhere in between. I hope you find yourself in the music, in the moment when all seems lost or against you, when the waves seem high and the winds are heavy, find the sweet song of hope, courage and of keeping on”.

If you love your folk music then you will appreciate this succulent EP. The moment I heard Keeping On, I was left in a daze. Each of the 4 tunes featured were exquisite, not only showcasing Marie’s sublime vocals but they also showcased her sublime songwriting skills. Things open up with Keeping On and this tune was literally mind blowing. Not only is this number drenched with plenty of folk goodness there is also a portion of spoken word. Just hearing Kara Ann Marie recite poetry to a melody left me hypnotised. Actually this number had the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Anyways the vocals were incredibly crisp resulting in something chilled out. Royalty was a stripped back  tune aided by a rich vocal delivery which left me spellbound. Everything about Royalty was utter perfection and those luscious lyrics were incredibly light. Walk Slow was rather relaxing and Marie’s vocal tones were top notch. Now this was a slow paced cut aided by lyrics which mellowed me out. Unlike the opening two cuts, the soothing Walk Slow had a darker vibe to it. Things then come to an end with the haunting I Like The Way. Plenty of gospel vibes oozed from this sumptuous song.

To sum things up Keeping On was a majestical EP which showcases Kara’s sublime talents. She’s been gifted with the ability to write wondrous tunes. I adore each track on this tremendous EP but for me Keeping On has that slight edge. This debut was a sterling effort and I for one cannot wait to see/ hear what 2017 holds for Kara Ann Marie.

Keeping On is now available on iTunes and all digital platforms



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