Daily Dig: Avery


Coming all the way from Los Angeles is talented 22 year old unsigned singer/ songwriter Avery. Having watched each video on her very on YouTube page it’s clear to see that she’s extremely passionate about music in general. Recently Avery released her very own take on Green Day’s American Idiot and this interpretation literally took my breath away. When Green Day released this song from the 2004 album of the same name, Avery was 10 years old!!. Now Avery’s interpretation was not heavy like the original, instead it was so magical and her vocals were incredibly sweet. Avery’s twist on this memorable tune left me in a complete trance. She even got political with the line “This one’s for Trump/ We’re f*cked America”.

Avery’s story began in 2010 at the age of 16 when she inked a record deal with Universal Motown. Her manager at the time came across Avery after seeing a Step Brothers skit she made with her friends. They even had big plans for Avery and she even released 2 singles. Love Me Or Let Me Go was a delightful pop jam which had been written to perfection. Anyhow this tune was so infectious, the verses were splendid and the chorus had an anthem like feel to it.

Sophomore single Go Screw Yourself was a delectable pop anthem aided by feisty lyrics which hypnotised me. This number was pure perfection and you would’t want to get on the wrong side of Avery.

After hearing both these sizzling songs I can definitely make comparisons with Avril Lavigne.

Things then took a turn about 6 months after signing the deal with Universal Motown. Basically, Universal restructured their labels and moved Avery away from most of her original core team of believers. Avery even had an albums worth of material with the industry’s best writers and producers, but the project then suddenly came to a halt. The completed debut album unfortunately will never see the light of day, despite how hard Avery and her remaining champions at the company fought for it.

However all this didn’t stop Avery from doing what she loved. On her official YouTube she interpreted popular songs to make them her very own. Avery has covered the likes of Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyris, The 1975, Swedish House Mafia and Ellie Goulding. My favourites had to be Avery’s spin on Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams and then you had Love Yourself by Justin Bieber which was incredible. Avery really does have an angelic vocal range.

Also she has a host of glittering originals on her YouTube page. Hey Cupid was written for Valentines Day because sometimes cupid can be evil. Still this was a thumping power pop anthem. Oozing plenty of synth goodness Hey Cupid was an infectious cut which was deliciously dark at the same time “Hey Cupid, Hey Cupid/ You’re kind of a bitch/ Hey Cupid, Hey Cupid/ Stop playing/ Cuz the one that I want is always running away/ And the one that I don’t is always begging to stay/ Hey Cupid, Hey Cupid/ Stop being a bitch/ Hey Cupid, Hey Cupid”. Now Good Times was a feel good tune with captivating lyrics which were a breath of fresh air. Ahead Of Your Time was a blissful fast pace pop song with touching lyrics “If I could tell the old me/ What I know now/ I’ll put my arm around her/ Sit her right down/ Tonight, tell her it’s gonna be alright/ Tell her that it’s cool/ If she doesn’t fit in/ But sooner or later the underdog wins/ In life, so don’t let them change your mind”. I’m literally in love with this catchy tune and I really adored the music video.

Then you have Stronger (It’s Not Over). This stripped back track was extremely magical and those lyrics were both inspiring/ empowering. Just listening to this whimsical cut brings a lump to my throat.

All in all I’m really impressed with the original material Avery has under her belt. Each tune was a complete banger which showcases her sparkling songwriting skills. Avery is now free to spread her wings and I really hope we’ll be hearing more from her this year.

Avery’s music is available from iTunes



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