MIKLO: Note To Self EP Review

Miklo are a pop rock band who come all the way from Los Angeles. This duo compromise of Kyle Setter and Chris Garcia. They formed when Chris and Kyle met while playing in different bands; upon discovering they were on the same musical wavelength and carried the same ambition, the two musicians moved to Nashville to work on their writing and producing skills, and subsequently Miklo was formed.

Anyways last Friday (13/01) saw the release of the debut EP and this being Note To Self. This release takes on a variety of subjects, all accumulated during a time of introspection for the group. Their songs address the different experiences they had on tour and the thoughts that came from those experiences. The lyrics range from talking about a night of heartbreak to being homesick for California. This succulent 6 track debut was produced by Christian Fiore and it’s literally a masterpiece.

Having heard the likes of Losing My Mind and P.E.O.P.L.E, this was a record I’d been anticipating. They even started writing and recording Note to Self in 2015 whilst in Nashville. Well I fell for Note To Self hook, line and sinker. Each cut featured was sheer perfection and no only do they showcase the sublime vocal capabilities, Note To Self also showcases the fact they are mega talented when it comes to songwriting. It was Note To Self which kickstarted things and this being a slick jam which left me utterly mesmerised. Now those lyrics were brimming with plenty of heartache as they told the story of falling in love with someone who is no good for you. Despite people speaking the truth, when it comes to love you are always left blindsided when it comes to love “I learned my lesson/ I should of listened”. This delectable synth led Losing My Mind was an infusion of pop meets rock which resulted in something that left me utterly hypnotised. The vocals were pure perfection, those verses were extremely smooth and the catchy chorus was literally a blissful explosion. Dope Girl was fresh and funky aided by superb lyrics which packed a punch. CA was a dreamy tune which completely captivated. This was a well written piece of perfection which was both bright and breezy. Those blissful lyrics had traces of sadness as they told the story of leaving friends behind only to return a couple of years later “California/ To the place where we began/ California/ Will you take me back again”. Whereas I adore each cut featured on this impeccable EP, CA just slightly edges it when it comes to picking a favourite. Bear Trap was merely a musical interlude and the curtain closer comes in the form of P.E.O.P.L.E. This number was delightful synth pop aided by sleek lyrics, spectacular vocals and thumping anthem like beats. The portion of this classy cut which stood out for me was the punchy chorus “You swear you going to stay/ Walk out the door/ You’re never going to change/ Why you lying more/ And every single day, like the day before/ Well you know what/ I’m done f*ck People”.

Note To Self is available on iTunes



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