My Top 10 Albums Of 2016 (#10-#06) (Part 1)


10) Lissie – My Wild West

12th February saw Elisabeth “Lissie” Maurus release her third studio album. My Wild West was a sensational effort which showcased Lissie’s sterling songwriting skills. Originally she wasn’t intending making a brand new record. Now this amazing album featured 11 original cuts which were drenched with plenty of folkish pop vibes.

Maurus’s vocals were sweet and pristine which left me completely entranced. Songs such as Hollywood, Daughters, Ojai, Hero and Don’t You Give Up On Me were out of this world. Also Shroud finally makes the cut.

My favourite tracks had to be the emotional Hollywood and the anthem esque Don’t You Give Up On Me.


09) David Bowie – Blackstar

8th January saw David Bowie release his 25th studio album to coincide with his 69th birthday. This record was largely recorded in secret at New York City’s The Magic Shop with co-producer Tony Visconti and a group of local jazz musicians. Bowie recorded Blackstar whilst suffering from Liver Cancer. He chose not disclose his illness. This LP spawned the singles Blackstar, Lazarus and I Can’t Give Everything Away.

Two days later Bowie passed away and the fact he had Liver Cancer was made public. When listening to Blackstar the lyrics eerily point at his passing. Producer Tony Visconti then went onto say David intended this to be his Swan Song and a parting gift for his fans.

As expected this LP shot straight to #1 and it stayed there for 3 weeks. Only released on vinyl this was a piece of wax which was highly sought after.

My favourites had to be Lazarus, Blackstar and ‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore.


08) Alpines – Another River

Catherine Pockson and Bob Matthews are known as Alpines. 28th October saw them release sophomore LP Another River. After having witnessed a few of these songs live way back in April I always knew this would be a right cracker. Now I was absolutely right, Another River was a slice of heaven and Pockson’s angelic vocals oozed plenty of soulful R&B vibes.

Each tune had been well written and they had been delivered to perfections. Catherine’s vocal range never fails to send chills up my spine. Having been a fan on this duo since 2011, I can tell that they’ve upped their game.

My highlights from this LP are Completely, Heaven, Take Me To The Water and Love And Money.


07) Slow Club – One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Any More

19th August saw Slow Club release their long awaited 4 album. Now Slow Club consist of both Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor. Now One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Any More was sheer bliss compromising of 12 tantalising tunes. Compared to the likes of Complete Surrender, Paradise and Yeah So, this record is mellower.

This LP was a splendid piece of songwriting and again both Watson and Taylor have a few individual numbers as well. Charles’s Sweetest Grape On The Vine was a smouldering cut with enchanting lyrics and then you had Ancient Rolling Sea is a right cracker. As for Rebecca both Champion and Rebecca Casonova left me in a daze then you had Give Me Some Peace which was packed with plenty of soul.

All in all this was a polished piece of pure perfection.

My favourites include In Waves, Champion, Rebecca Casonova, Tattoo Of The King and Give Me Some Peace.


06) Busted – Night Driver

Now this was a reunion which came out of nowhere. Frankly I thought it would never happen. Busted were never going to reunited because Charlie Simpson always said he wasn’t going to go back, for starters he had Fightstar plus his very own solo career. Both James Bourne and Matt Willis then joined forces with McFly to create the super band we now know as McBusted. They even released a debut self titled album which consisted 12 sumptuous original cuts. Other than Air Guitar my highlights had to be Riding On My Bike, Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest, Get Over It and Whatever Happened To Your Band.

This year saw Charlie Simpson return to the fold and new tune Coming Home was released as a taster of what to expect from Busted. Now 25th November saw the release of Night Driver which consisted of 12 delightful tracks. They may have gone in a synth driven direction but that does not phase me in the slightest. Night Driver is epic pure pop and these groovy tracks can easily get you moving on the spot.

My highlights were Night Driver, On What Your On, One Of A Kind and Easy.


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