My Top 10 Debut Albums Of 2016 (#05-#01) (Part 2)


IMG_0041 [62527]

05) Norma Jean Martine – Only In My Mind

This was an album I’d been anticipating since 2014. 16th October saw this tasty album released into the world. Only In My Mind compromised of 12 sparkling songs which saw Martine work alongside Joel Pott (Athlete), Ed Hardcourt and Burt Bacharach (I’m Still Here). Also this album was produced by Danton Supple whom worked on Coldplay’s X&Y.

Now this record was pure perfection and Norma’s rich vocals left me completely spellbound. Plenty of pop vibes oozed from each tune resulting in something rather refreshing. Just listening to this leaves me transfixed, each song had been well crafted which resulted in something that was easy on my ear.

My favourite tracks are Sons And Daughters, I Will Never Love Again, Still In Love With You and I’m Still Here.


04) Liz – Cross Your Heart

Elizabeth Abrams is better known as LIZ and on 17th October she released her debut mixtape on Soundcloud. Consisting of 16 original songs (3 of those songs were instrumentals) this marvelous mixtape showcased what to expect from Liz in the future. I would say this mixtape was bubble gum pop with a dash of R&B.

Cross Your Heart features in my top 10 because this was a pure piece of perfection. Liz’s vocals were superb and each tune resonated plenty of fun filled vibes. This mixtape would be perfect for any summer.

My favourite tracks include the likes of Wild Target, High School Luv, Jawbreaking The Rules and Run For Cover.


03) Brooklyn Doran – These Paper Wings

9th September saw Brooklyn release the sumptous debut album These Paper Wings. Now consisting of only 7 songs this delightful LP was hypnotising gentle folk. Back in September you could purchase this record on vinyl via her Bandcamp. Now I loved the likes of Paper Wings and The Villain resulting in me having this imported from Brooklyn’s native Canada.

These Paper Wings is ever so delectable. Doran truly is a marvel when it comes to songwriting, in fact each featured number left me utterly transfixed. Anyhow this 7 track album was extremely gentle/ relaxing. Brooklyn has something rather special and I look forward to see what 2017 holds for her.

My favourite songs from this album are Sing Me Your Song, Haunt Me, The Villain and Say The Words.


02) Elle Exxe – Love Fuelled Hate

7th October finally saw the release of the debut LP by Elle Exxe. The moment the PledgeMusic campaign was made I donated straight away. Well Love Fuelled Hate is a startling full length which is a game of two halves. You have a Love side and a Hate side.

This was a whimsical album which left me completely compelled. Each of the tracks featured are pure perfection plus they’ve been well crafted. Love Fuelled Hate is pure pop and each tune left me completely hooked. On the Hate side Exxe showcases her feisty side.

My favourite tracks on the Love side have too be Home With You and I Do. Then on the Hate side my favourites are WTF and Shoot.


01) Brielle – Brielle

17th June saw the release of this extraordinary album on AGP Records. Brielle is a pop princess in the making, plus she’s released a handful of singles which have been taken from this LP. Brielle comes all the way from New York City, as well as singing she also writes her own material.

I first became aware of this bubbly blonde way back in April after having been hooked on the single Ought To Be. I then tracked back and listened to her earlier singles which literally blew me away. I would compare Brielle to Ke$ha. The reason why this is my favourite offering of 2016 is mainly down to the fact this synth pop driven record is so contagious. Basically this is a sheer masterpiece and it left me with a warm joyous feeling deep inside

My favourite songs from this record are Unstoppable, Stuck and Wasted.


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