Elsa Carmona: Run Baby Run Single Review


Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain but now living in Sweden you have the majestic Elsa Carmona.  The reason she moved from her hometown was down to the fact she vowed to devote herself fully to music. Actually Carmona has been on the music scene for almost a year. Back in 2015 she released the stupendous Hearts EP under the guise of Sirena (Sirena is Spanish for Mermaid).

Run Baby Run is Elsa’s sophomore single and this is a pleasant piece of pop with elements of R&B thrown in for good measure. “It’s a song about overthrowing any kind of dominant power, and it’s a song about revenge. I wrote it after being obsessed with Penny Dreadful, so I was using Vanessa Ives’ showdown with the devil as inspiration” Carmona said of this infectious cut.

Written by Elsa Carmona, Fredrik Okazaki and Marcus Andersson, the contagious Run Baby Run is literally a piece of perfection. The sublime addictive vocals were smothered in plenty of shimmering  synths reminding me of the likes  Jillian Banks (BANKS). It was the compelling chorus which left me hooked “Run Baby Run/ I’ll fall behind/ But I am getting closer”.

Comparing the debut Ritual to the sophomore Run Baby Run I notice that Elsa has upped her game and has a right cracker on her hands. I look forward to hearing more impeccable originals in 2017.



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