Taylor Jahn: Hide Away EP Preview


27th January 2017 will see the release of the debut EP by the impeccable Taylor Jahn. From having heard the debut single Hide Away not that long ago, I can tell Jahn is really passionate about singing/ writing music. Now that single was a soulful piano ballad which knocked me for six. I’ve been ever so lucky to preview this sumptuous 5 track mini album before the official release date.

Anyhow Taylor comes from the small town Lake Oswego, Oregon and he started playing the piano at the age of 6. He then left his native town and moved to Los Angeles so he could pursue his dream. Now Taylor writes and sings on a daily basis, and performs whenever an opportunity arises.

Hide Away: Things kick off with the debut single which also shares the same name as this delightful EP. Anyways Hide Away was a mellowing soulful piano ballad which Taylor delivered to perfection. It’s an emotionally charged promise of unconditional love and to be honest just listening to this song renders me speechless. At first this tantalising track begins at a soft/ gentle pace then as it progressed the silky smooth vocals became rather luscious. All in all Hide Away was a well written slice of perfection.

All We Need: Now this song oozes plenty of single potential. All We Need was an upbeat pop jam which flowed plenty of fun filled vibes. Taylor’s vocals were sugary sweet and the lyrics were ever so beautiful. What stood out for me was the fluffy chorus which left a smile on my face “I found you/ And you found me/ We found love/ That’s All We Need/ Here we’ll stand/ For all to see/ Cos we’ve found love/ That’s All We Need”. 

Slave To Your Love: Oozing plenty of soulful vibes you had this lovely song. Jahn’s succulent vocal tones left me completely relaxed.Those tender lyrics were super sweet which left me utterly captivated. Actually the beautiful lyrics felt as if they were wedding vows“I’m a Slave To Your Love/ My heart is yours to keep/ Bound by your touch/ From my head to my feet/ I’m a Slave To Your Love/ I’ve fallen on my knees/ I’m a Slave To Your Love/ And I never want to break free”. All in all this gorgeous tune left me well and truly hypnotised.

Light Inside: I found this number to be extremely uplifting. Taylor’s vocals were pristine and those lyrics had me hooked from the word go. Light Inside flowed plenty of pop vibes which packed a punch in the process.

Keep Moving On: This then come to an end with this breathtaking ballad. Keep Moving On was extremely heartbreaking as the lyrical content dealt with losing a loved one from your life “I can’t believe your gone/ It’s hard to carry on/ The angels took you home/ And even though it hurts/ I’ll sing another verse/ Remembering the words you said/ Keep Moving On”. I always get a lump in my throat whenever I listen to this number.

OVERALL: This was one majestical EP which showcased Taylor’s exquisite songwriting capabilities. Each of the 5 songs were impeccable, when it comes to a favourite Keep Moving On edges it because it’s was an emotional roller coaster. Still I thoroughly enjoyed this 5 track mini album,

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