Milly Upton @ The Waiting Room 14th December 2016


The Milly Upton/ Kerri Watt Winter tour came to London’s The Waiting Room and as expected it was a right spectacle. I’ve only witnessed Upton perform once and that was back at the Barfly last April where she supported Kerri. The music she showcased impressed me greatly so I followed her on both Twitter/ Facebook just so I could be kept up to date.

Just like Kerri, Milly had a band backing her which gave each number that extra oomph. Only 9 songs were showcased, both old and new which tantalised the taste buds. “Hello everyone. Thank you so much for coming down. It is only Wednesday and I don’t want you to have too much fun so I’m going to play a really slow song now. A depressing song”. Upton then said before opening up with Party Song. This was ever so magical, the smoothness left me completely entranced and Milly’s succulent vocals oozed plenty of folk vibes. The lyrics were utter perfection as I could picture what was happening within my minds eye “The matress in the hallway/ You would be in my bed/ If you had it your way/ But I’m playing it safe, playing it cool/ She’s passed out with a drink in her hand/ And a smile”. Anyways this number had been well crafted as Party Song left me utterly compelled. Straight after it was then onto Losing Touch and this number was literally incredible. This was an upbeat cut which I found to be both fresh and funky. Upton’s vocal tones were spot on and she delivered Losing Touch with plenty of gusto.


“We got alot of new songs to play tonight. This songs about sleep. There all either a bit sleepy or a bit sexy. Coz I’ve got more into sleep and sex” Milly said before diving into the spellbinding Emile. Upton also mentioned this was about a boy called Emile who sleeps all the time.Everything about this song was literally gorgeous, Milly’s vocals were ever so sweet and the sumptuous lyrics had me hooked from the word go “Emile/ Don’t wanna know how you feel/ You keep on telling me the same damn thing/ You’re just to tired to live”. Once over it was then time for Harry Baby and this being a whimsical number which left me hypnotised. The lyrics were rather beautiful and then you had the dreamy laid back melody “Harry Baby it/ Looks like we’ve made it/ I have been hesitating/ The way you know that I do/ But this best behaviour is just for you”. Actually Upton’s luscious sent shivers down my spine. Taxis was a sleek number which Milly delivered to perfection and the lyrics which focused on the topic of falling in love  “I’m going to call a Taxi/And drive it round to your place/ I wonder in the back seat/ If I made another big mistake”. I found Taxis to be extremely light which made me sway from side to side. It was then onto Younger which was about someone growing Younger. This whimsical number was flawlessly delivered and those sumptuous lyrics reminded me of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button “My bones have stopped aching/ My grey has turned to gold/”. Younger was sublime and Milly Upton’s vocal tones were exquisite. Straight after it was time for Bad Brain and this tune was phenomenal. This spectacular song was released last year and just witnessing it live was a real treat. After plenty of applause it was then time for something written a couple of days ago. “I have alot of impressive friends who are very conscious of the environment and everything we’re doing to it and are like vegan. I know I should be and I understand it’s all good stuff but I haven’t reached that level of awareness yet. So it’s just a song that’s like Nah not just yet” Upton mentioned before Mother Nature. I adored this track because it was extremely upbeat and those lyrics left me completely hooked “I try to be a better human/ But I don’t always remember”. My favourite had to be the blissful chorus which packed a punch “She’s bad Mother Nature/ What do we do”. I really hope that the actual studio version gets released in the nearby future. Things then came to a close with the launch of Towers Against The Sky. Prior to getting stuck into the song Milly mentioned how she couldn’t upload it because Spotify is tricky and she couldn’t remember her Soundcloud password. “Oh I/ Never wanna say goodbye/ Towers Against The Sky/ Hot dreams of you”. Now this was a sparkly number which was packed with plenty of promise. Upton’s vocals were delectable and the dreamy lyrics were spellbinding.

I most definitely look forward to hearing more from Milly in 2017.


Party Song
Losing Touch
Harry Baby
Bad Brain
Mother Nature
Towers Against The Sky

OVERALL: This was one hell of an evening witnessing music I truly adore. Milly Upton has some right belters under her belt and I for one look forward to seeing what 2017 brings. The songs were pure class and the vocal tones were on another level. I look forward to the next Milly Upton gig wherever that may be.


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