Kerri Watt @ The Waiting Room 14th December 2016


All the way from Glasgow, Scotland you have the mega talented singer/ songwriter Kerri Watt. Way back in November it was announced that she would be embarking on a joint tour with the impeccable Milly Upton. This 6 date Winter tour saw Kerri perform at venues in Folkstone, St Agnes, Brighton, London, Manchester and this Sunday will see her play in her hometown. The moment the London date was announced I snapped up a ticket immediately.

Kicking off the evening was the sensational Kerri Watt who was accompanied by a backing band. Now the set consisted of 8 impeccable tunes most of which are already in the public domain. It was Pirate Man which was the opening cut and this was a right little belter. This song was taken from the Who’s Lovin’ Me Now EP. Watt’s vocals were superb, plenty of folk vibes resonated from this song and the band gave it that extra edge. This toe tapper had been superbly delivered with plenty of gusto and those lyrics left me captivated “Pirate Man/ What’s making you so blind/ Pirate Man/ You left your men behind”. Everything about this number was pure perfection. “Good evening everyone. My name’s Kerri Watt and this is my lovely new band” she then said before diving into the ever so lovely The Wild. Now I literally adore this tune, it’s basically a breezy pop song aided by dazzling lyrics which left me hypnotised. Kerri’s vocals were sweet like honey. The Wild was an uplifting pop jam about escaping into the wild and my favourite part had to be the whimsical pacey chorus. “There’s all sorts of ways to meet people now. I was on Tinder a couple of years ago. Did any of us match? I met someone and we kind of fell in love the old school way” Watt said before diving into Old School Love. Delivered at a mellowing pace this number was extremely promising. I found OSL to be a dreamy number aided by candy coated vocals which were incredibly fluffy. The tender lyrics saw Watt singing about how she would rather fall in love with someone in person. Straight after it was time for She Said. The lyrics were clear cut and mentioned how your mother is always right. Sang at a sleek steady pace this beautiful cut had tender lyrics which Watt delivered to faultlessly “She Said don’t wait on the front line/ There’s a reason things come to an end/ Some people wanna waste your time/ You stay on the good side/ If you want my advice keep rolling, keep rolling the dice”. This smooth contagious tune had me picturing a relationship which came to an end and the mother is saying he wasn’t worth it.“So we all have our own ideas about where we came from, how we ended up her on the earth. I was up one night thinking about it and I felt really inspired to write this next song” Kerri mentioned before diving into Intuition. Now this number was rather spellbinding with contagious lyrics “In my heart I listen/ What I’m doing here/ Whatever the decision/ Won’t be out of fear”. This delectable tune had been written to perfection and the whole vocal delivery was literally flawless. Next it was time for Long Way Home which is about someone Watt used to date. Now this was a breathe of fresh air, and Kerri’s succulent vocals were sugary sweet. I found the smooth lyrics to be rather tender plus it sent chills down my spine. “This is my favourite one to play live” Kerri Watt told the audience before going straight into the delicious Paris. I’ve heard this tune plenty of times in the past and I literally cannot get enough of it. Basically Paris is a fun filled folk pop cut with mesmerising lyrics made me smile.  My favourite part had to be the pacey chorus “You’re a little bit of Paris/ Walking down a London road/ You’re the best kept secret/ My home away from home/ You’re a little bit of New York/ We got L.A too/ Where ever there’s a skyline/ That’s where I’ll wait for you”. The evening then came to a close with Only One. This brand new track I was witnessing live for the very first time and all I can say is WOW. Basically this was an epic number aided by lyrics which I fell for hook line and sinker. “All my friends keep telling me/ I don’t deserve the third degree/ But I’ve been burnt to many times/ To see”. Plenty of warmth radiated from this luscious number “There’s only one/ Who can love you/ Like I do”.


Pirate Man
The Wild
Old School Love
She Said
Long Way Home
Only One

OVERALL: This was one incredible set, Kerri Watt does have the knack for writing superb songs and I literally cannot wait to see what 2017 brings. Each song showcased were right gems but Paris will always be my all time favourite. Now Watt does have something special and I look forward to witnessing her live next year.


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