Whitney Tai: Good At Being Bad Single Preview


Truth Be Told I’m in love with the music that Whitney Tai currently has in the public domain. The Metamorphosis EP was sensational, the Forever EP was extraordinary and the single Truth Be Told was a piece of perfection. Anyways she is a mega talented independent singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from New York City. If you love your indie pop then Tai is right up your street.

13th January 2017 will see the release of the brand new single at this being Good At Being Bad. This song was written and produced by both Whitney and Billboard charting Producer, Spencer Garn at Diamond Street Studios in Atlanta.

Now I’ve been lucky enough to preview this track and OMG it is a right cracker. Good At Being Bad started off as an enchanting piano ballad and Tai’s vocal tones were ever so sweet. The sumptuous lyrics told a beautiful love story a la Bonnie and Clyde. The line “We were Good At Being Bad” makes me think that the relationship is no more. Actually I was left completely captivated this is a track that can quite easily have you moving. Nearing the end of this exquisite tune you had the addition of the saxophone and then it morphed into something rather edgy.

Good At Being Bad does not dissapoint, this was a number that had been crafted to perfection. Actually just listening to it leaves me hypnotised, Whitney’s vocals were rather soothing and the hookable sumptuous lyrics left me enchanted “Bright lights/ Tattoos/ Those vibes we were Good At Being Bad/ And we do it all so right (Yeah)/ Skin to skin/ Heart to heart/ In the moment/ So incedibly ours/ Being bad never felt so good”.

I have nothing but love for Whitney Tai, not only is she a sassy singer/ songwriter but she even found time to release an ebook called Orenda which is a collection of poetry and thoughts spanning over two years. With everything I’ve heard, Tai is incredibly passionate when it comes to music and she deserves all the success possible.

Now this track leaves me anticipating Whitney’s full length record when that time does come. A couple of months ago Whitney released the Sunfreakz collaboration called Truth Be Told, an Indiegogo campaign to make the music video was made and it was one that I backed. Below is the finished product.

Good At Being Bad will be released on all platforms on 13th January 2017

Official Site


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