Zoee @ Kamio 6th December 2016



The voice behind Zoee is Harriet Pittard who is an exceptional singer/ songwriter. Now I fell in love with her own brand of sugary sweet pop cuts the moment I witnessed her support Hana at The Old Blue Last way back in March. From that moment I was left hooked and then witnessed Pittard perform at Miranda in the April. This evening was billed as the launch of Zoee’s debut Indecision EP but unfortunately that release date has been pushed back till early 2017.

It had reached 11pm and Harriet took to the stage wearing a pink puffa jacket whist holding a monitor which displayed her name. “Hi everybody” Zoee then said before opening up with Lie Lye. Now this was a delightful tune and Harriet’s vocals were candy coated. The melody was ever so hypnotic and those sumptuous lyrics were ever so contagious. Lie Lye had been written to perfection with tremendous upbeat verses and a sleek short hook “Lie Lye/ Lie/ No one believes your lies anymore”. Smothered in plenty of poptastic vibes, Lie Lye was a spectacular track showcasing Pittard’s exquisite songwriting capabilities. Following on it was time for a bit of Appreciate. Now Harriet had put the monitor down and this stupendous cut was over in a flash. Anyways this number left me spellbound and those lyrics were straight to the point. Appreciate made me picture a couple that have split and now it’s over Zoee wonders if she was ever appreciated by the boy “Appreciate me boy/ Did you ever, did you ever/ Appreciate me boy/ Did you ever, did you ever”. Pittard’s vocal tones were sweet like chocolate and the catchy lyrics were a work of art. “This one I’ve never played live before. It’s not really finished” Harriet mentioned before diving into the sumptuous 1-2-1. This song kicked off with a phones vibration then Pittard came in with her enticing vocal tones. Now this dreamy cut was short and sweet. I actually cannot wait to hear the finished product.Following on was the impeccable Betcha. Released in September, this was one incredible tune and it was extremely upbeat at the same time. The verses were sublime offering a narrative “Don’t go out after dark/ That is what they say/ Keep your hands close to her/ We’ll make it anyway” and then you had the delicious chorus “All of the things we said/ We don’t need any/ Betcha don’t hesitate/ Betcha don’t contemplate/ Betcha don’t hold her hand/ Betcha don’t/ Yeah Betcha don’t”. (well I assume it’s the chorus).Everything about this cut was extremely mesmerising and those sticky sweet vocal tones were pristine.


“This next one is a bit of a wild card. Only 5 people have heard it” Pittard mentioned before embarking onto Anyone. Compared to the material already showcased this was different. Anyone was mainly spoken word and honestly it worked wonders. Harriet sailed through this at ease (despite one slip up where she thought she would forget the words) and this was a well crafted masterpiece. The pace was taken down a notch and Pittard launched into the last newie of the evening and this being No No Yeh. Lasting for almost 2 minutes this was an enthralling cut which left me spellbound. The dreamy vocals were ever so sweet and distinctive as well. Straight after it was onto something very interesting and this being Zoee’s take on Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl. At first I didn’t recognise this number until Harriet hit the chorus. Pittard’s version was slowed down which resulted in something rather spine tingling. Used was so beautiful, the melody was nice and fluffy then you Harriet’s enchanting vocal delivery. Just like Anyone this was yet another spoken word tune which reminded me of Kate Nash in her earlier years. Things then came to a close with Insecure (7, 8, 9). I found this to be a lovely number with a sweet vocal delivery which left me completely engrossed. Those upbeat lyrics captivated me but it was the vibrant verses which left me hooked “How can I explain to you/ I’m guilty of no crime/ Paranoia/ Soul destroyer/ Poisoning your mind”.


Lie Lye
No No Yeh
Mysterious Girl
Insecure (7, 8, 9)

OVERALL: This was one sensational evening witnessing 5 superb acts. Zoee’s headline set was simply majestic and Harriet really does have some cracking songs underneath her belt. Also we mustn’t forget the likes of Love Bites and Head Rush, I literally cannot wait for the Indecision EP. The launch will be sometime in January and it’s one not to be missed. You can Betcha I’ll be at that one.




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