Daily Dig: Indiana Grace


Coming all the way from Zurich but now based in Los Angeles is a magical singer/ songwriter and this being Indiana Grace. From a young age, Grace had dreams as big as the Swiss Alps, where she grew up with her Swiss father and American mother. Indiana then began singing and songwriting with skills she acquired from piano and classical voice lessons because she wanted her burning passion to become a reality. Her unique voice earned her a place at The School for Gifted Children of the Performing Arts in Switzerland, as the first pop singer ever accepted. After attendance at Zurich University of the Arts, she produced, sang, and composed a CD with Swiss Rapper, C-Beat, that reached Top 10 in the charts in East Switzerland. At the age of 18 she left for the United States and began perfecting her own sound and musical style while studying performance and songwriting at Berklee College of Music.

When it comes to writing Grace’s lyrics are inspired by her love life, nature and moments in life that have left a profound impact. At this moment in time Indiana only has two songs on her Soundcloud page and these being the most recent Avalanche and then you have the wonderful Lose Count. Both of these will feature on the upcoming EP In Love With Love.

Avalanche: This whimsical pop tune was a lovely piano ballad about an overwhelming relationship and the power love can have on someone. This song left me captivated me, Grace’s vocal tones were soothing and then you had those tender lyrics which left me hooked. Avalanche was a well written piece of perfection, you had vibrant verses and a compelling chorus “Now we’re rolling down/ Like an Avalanche/ My mind says stop/ But I keep caving in/ And the deeper we fall/ Like an Avalanche/ The more I feel my heart spin”. This song does tug on my heartstrings because the lyrics tell a super sweet story.

Lose Count: Indiana’s unique soulful pop vocal tones were literally a breath of fresh air. This dreamy ballad was smothered in plenty of emotional heartache. However it isn’t heartache over a break up though. Now Lose Count was an emotional tune which dealt with the struggles of a long distance relationship “Someone told me close your eyes/ Think of him and you’ll be fine/ Someone told me let him go/ Distance hurts the heart and soul/ But next to him my pain melts away/ Coz I Lose Count of my loneliness”.

Indiana Grace is a talented singer/ songwriter who has a promising future. Both Avalanche and Lose Count left me spellbound as her vocal tones were so delectable. Also her songwriting is top notch and it makes me anticipate the release of debut EP In Love With Love next year.

Both Avalanche and Lose Count are available to purchase on iTunes

Official Website


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