Rebecca & Fiona: Cold As X-mas Single Review

Swedish sensations Rebecca Scheja and Fiona FitzPatrick have a brand new song out and this being Cold As X-Mas. Released on Universal Music last week (2nd December) this delectable number was a down tempo electro pop ballad.

Everything about this tune was spot on, the lyrics were rather hypnotic and the vocals were sugary sweet. Both Rebecca & Fiona have created something rather beautiful and at the same time there were dashes of sadness. Cold As X-mas was about missing that certain person. “Sitting all alone under the mistletoe/ Wonder why you never pick up the phone/ Do you know the one thing I’m wishing for is you/ Why you so cold with me/ Why you so cold/ The snow is falling down/ My tears are pouring down/ Why you so cold with me/ Why you so cold/ The snow is falling down/ My tears are pouring down/ You’re Cold As X-Mas”. Now Christmas is the worst time of year to be alone.

On the whole I literally adored this number, the candy coated vocal tones left me completely enchanted and those emotionally charged lyrics left me hooked. Cold As Xmas was a tremendous song and here is what they had to say about it “After a day playing around in the studio with our team, we suddenly realized that we had made the best fucking Christmas song ever! It is an ambient ballad that we both feel very strongly about, musically and emotionally. This release is our gift to all of you who stuck with us this year, through our changes in genres and through our first live tour. You were with us all the time, and we wish you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year! We love you”.

Rebecca & Fiona are sumptuous singers who have already release 2 albums I Love You, Man and Beauty Is Pain. Plus the sensational Party Hard EP came out last month. Based on this song and from what I’ve heard this two piece ooze plenty of promise and I for one cannot wait for them to play in the United Kingdom.

Cold As X-mas is available on iTunes

[UPDATE] 16th December saw Rebecca and Fiona release the official music video for this impeccable Christmas song. Set in an arcade this music video sees both Rebecca & Fiona get their heart broken at this time of year. I cannot help but be moved when watching because Christmas is all about being with loved ones. Released through Universal this video sees the girls walk down the streets of Stockholm wearing just lingerie and Santa hats whilst holding red baseball bats. The end of Cold At X-mas sees them batter Christmas presents.

The single wraps up a hugely successful year for Rebecca & Fiona, which has seen the viral sensations (over 66 MILLION streams on Spotify and counting) tour the world in support of their recently released Party Hard EP, clocking up critical praise across the board from the likes of The Guardian to Wonderland and many more besides.

Official Site


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