Bubbles @ Kamio 6th December 2016


Supporting Zoee at Kamio you had the likes of likes of OK Electro, Lava La Rue and Kelora. But the act I was looking forward to (apart from Zoee) was Bubbles. Songs such as Strawberry Kisses, Sparks, Shower and the recently released Done With You which are currently on her Soundcloud page had me hooked. I may be late to the party but I’m completely in love with Bubbles’s music and I cannot wait to witness her live again.

Anyways Holly Howe adopts the persona Bubbles and not only is she an incredible singer but she’s also a sensational songwriter. Howe actually studied Popular Music at Goldsmiths University and that tells me she has a burning passion for music.  I would say Bubbles’s genre of music is Hyper Pop and each tune showcased was so damn infectious.

This was a short but sweet set consisting of 6 luscious tunes. Gracing the stage wearing a bubble gum pink jacket and skirt was the brilliant Bubbles. Also her backing singers were dressed in cheerleader outfits.  “My name is Bubbles and this first song is called Hey Boy”. Now this was pure synth pop and Holly’s vocals were candy coated. Hey Boy was a super sweet song which had been written to perfection. The backing track was so dreamy, the upbeat story telling lyrics were packed with shimmering hooks “Boy I love you so/ I’ll never let them take this away from me” and the choreography was top notch. “Now this next song is written about when you find someone you like on Tinder or Facebook and you swipe one way and they don’t like you so they swipe the other way. It’s all about how they probably don’t like you because they think you’re ugly” Howe mentioned before diving into Disconnected. This was a sassy song with upbeat rapped verses which were packed with a punch.“I wrote you a message/ So you would write one back/ I know that you read it on 17th March” I can definitely relate to that because it’s so frustrating when you know that they’ve seen your message on Facebook/ Whatsapp. Still this number was ever so blissful aided by plenty of twinkling synths and then you had Bubbles’s hypnotic vocal tones “You’re so Disconnected/ It makes me wanna/ Touch, touch”. Straight after it was then time for the latest single and this being Done With You. I’m literally in love, this track was pop through and though, plus the delightful lyrics left me in a trance. Holly Howe’s vocal tones were silky smooth oozing plenty of warmth at the same time. The fun filled Done With You was incredibly beautiful and faultlessly delivered at the same time. “It’s about my favourite childhood doll. It’s called Malibu and it’s about Barbie” Holly said to the audience before tacking this sumptuous number. Malibu was an impeccable tune, aided by upbeat lyrics about Barbie and a superb vocal delivery. I most definitely cannot wait for when the studio version is released to the general public. Commitment then ended what had been a phenomenal showcased. This number was fresh and funky oozing plenty of club like vibes as well. “You said we could/ I thought we should/ You said we could/ Make a commitment”. The rapped verses were fast in pace packing a fierce punch at the same time. “You only want to marry me/ When you’re high on MD”. You cant help but feel sorry for the girl because her partner doesn’t want to tie the knot.


Hey Boy
Done With You

OVERALL: Bubbles is an unsigned singer/ songwriter who has been performing live for just over a year. From the material showcased Holly is onto a great thing and the only way is up for Bubbles. Each of the 5 songs showcased are pure quality and I for one hope an EP is in the pipeline. Whilst I adored each of the 5 tunes the one that slightly edges it is Disconnected.

Also I found the choreography to be pure perfection and I definitely look forward to the next Bubbles show. From these 5 songs it’s plain to see that Holly Howe has a burning passion for songwriting and singing her own compositions. I for one wish her all the best for the future.

If you love your pop music then check out Bubbles, you will fall in love with her tunes straight away.



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