Hattie Briggs @ Brooklyn Bowl 3rd December 2016



Hattie Briggs has been on my radar for quite a while but I’ve never had the chance to witness her perform. Briggs has already released 2 albums and the Christmas A Winter’s Day EP is incoming. It was a nice little bonus when Hattie was announced as support for Ward Thomas at the C2C Christmas Social.

“This first song is about taking chances” Briggs said before opening up with the enchanting On Your Way. Accompanying Hattie on cello was Jasmine Scott-Neale. This was a beautiful sounding cut which left me in a daze. Briggs’s vocals were sweet and plenty of folk vibes oozed from this performance. Bundles of warmth radiated from On Your Way and the hypnotic lyrics had me smiling till the very end “Call a friend when you’re lonely/ And chances are they’ve felt this way too/ And never feel it rains on you only/ There’s a light in everything that you do”. Jasmine also added in her luscious harmonising. “This next one’s about an old friend of mine” Hattie said before diving into Old Eyes. Shivers went down mine spine, Old Eyes was a beautiful song with gorgeous tender lyrics which left me mesmerised. I adored the luscious chorus “You won’t remember friend just don’t take me for a stranger, when your hours are gone/ And when I think of all those times we spent together/ I’ll picture you forever young”. It was then onto a cover and this being Autumn Leaves which features on the forthcoming Xmas EP. This tune has been covered by artists such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Eva Cassidy to name but a few. Hattie’s take on this number was rather refreshing and those lyrics left me in a trance. Autumn Leaves was a lovely song and Briggs’s candy coated vocals made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.


Hattie then moved to the keyboard to showcase the saddest song from the sophomore LP Young Runaway. The song in question being Castle On The Sand and this was a well crafted piece of perfection. The lyrics were rather tender with an added dash of emotion “Welcome to my castle on the sand/ Oh look on as the grains pour softly through my hands/ And where they fall, I’ll start, on the walls of my heart/ And rebuild them til again they’re torn apart”. Basically Castle On The Sand was a whimsical cut which Hattie flawlessly delivered. After plenty of applause it was then time for a commission. Now Hattie performed at a newly married couples wedding, the husband then asked could Hattie write a surprise song for their first anniversary and this was the result. A New York Winter’s Day had emotionally charged lyrics telling the story how the man proposed to his partner underneath the Statue Of Liberty. This cut features on the Christmas EP and all I can say is wow. Those lyrics left me well and truly spellbound. The set then came to a close with yet another commission. Briggs took to the acoustic guitar for this country sounding song. Time was a steady paced number which left me utterly enthralled.


On Your Way
Old Eyes
Autumn Leaves
Castle On The Sand
A New York Winter’s Day

OVERALL: Hattie Briggs is one sassy songstress whom performed one phenomenal set. Each song showcased was a right cracker leaving me with the urge to hear more.

The next time Hattie performs in London I’m so there.


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