Sara Hartman @ The Waiting Room 1st December 2016



Headlining at The Waiting Room you had pop songstress Sara Hartman. This incredible evening was the last stop of the European Satellite tour and I have to say she completely owned it. Anyways Sara was born in New York but moved to Berlin last year to focus on her passion. The fruits of her labour resulted in the Satellite EP which came out earlier this year plus Hartman has already supported the likes of Ellie Goulding, MS MR and the X Ambassadors.

When Sara announced she was to play The Waiting Room made me snap up my ticket immediately. The set performed consisted of 14 sublime tracks which literally took my breath away. At this moment in time Sara has only 5 songs out there in the public domain and this being the 4 from the Satellite EP and the brand new single From The Other Side Of The World. Things kicked off with the delectable Two Feet Off The Ground and this was a mixture of pop meets rock. I found this number to be rather uplifting, mellowing and the lyrics were literally incredible. This tune showcased Hartman’s songwriting skills as the verses were sleek and the fast paced chorus left me hooked “Gravity never let me down/ Chemicals they spin me ’round/ Footsteps don’t make a sound/ When You’re Two Feet Off The Ground/ Gravity never let me down/ Chemicals they spin me ’round/ Footsteps don’t make a sound/ When you’re two feet off the ground”. This funky tune had me moving on the spot. After plenty of cheers it was then time for Forget To Breathe. I was left utterly enthralled witnessing this upbeat cut being performed right in front of my eyes. Also Sara’s hypnotising raspy vocals were top notch. Anyways this tune oozed plenty of indie pop goodness which you can quite easily rock out to. “I’m Sara, nice to meet you. It’s really really awesome to be here. This is the last show of my first headline tour in Europe. I’m really happy it’s here” Hartman said before tackling a cover. This being Gold Lion which was an early Yeah Yeah Yeahs song from the Show Your Bones LP. Sara Hartman delivered this at ease and the whole performance left me mesmerised. Now Gold Lion resonated plenty of indie rock goodness and at the same time it was slightly edgy. Hartman put the guitar down for Rain Song. This was a smooth pop cut which left me spellbound. The whimsical Rain Song was delivered to perfection, Sara’s luscious vocals were sweet like chocolate and the way this had been crafted was pure perfection.


Sara then took to the guitar for Unfinished Gold. Now this impressed me because it was a majestical fast paced fun filled cut along with uber contagious lyrics “We’re Unfinished Gold”. Next it was onto something brand new and this being Anchor. “I’m only playing it because I like you” Sara then said before launching into this succulent song. Delivered at a slick pace, Anchor left me in a complete daze. At first this cut was rather smooth then the instrumentation came in which resulted in Anchor having that added punch. Then you had the lyrics, the verses were rather vibrant and the energetic chorus left me enchanted. “This is one of my favourites” Sara said before getting stuck into the delightful Buttons. I must say this number was incredible, the sumptuous lyrics grabbed hold of me and the vocals were sugary sweet. All in all Buttons was a fun fuelled song which left me spellbound. Monster Lead Me Home was the next cut on the set. Taken from the Satellite EP, Monster Lead Me Home was a fast flowing pop jam with captivating lyrics and a dreamy vocal delivery. Everything about this was flawless, the dreamy vocals were sweet and at the same time they were like a drug because this track is so damn addictive. The explosive chorus had to be my favourite part “Monster take me somewhere/ Where I can see my breath in the air/ We walk in shadows/ Monster lead me home/ Where there is no place to hide/ Stranger on the other side/ We walk in shadows/ Monster lead me home/ Monster lead me home”. 


It was then time for a bit of Alone and this being a tender ballad which completely left me in a daze. “This is a mood song. Think about doing the most terrifying and exciting thing ever and doing it by yourself like an adult. That is what this song is about but with more emotion” Sara mentioned after before restarting this tune again. Hartman’s vocal tones were rather husky and those lyrics oozed plenty of emotion “Please don’t leave me Alone/ Don’t leave me Alone/ Don’t leave me Alone/ The sun is coming through the blind/ It’s been so cold without you here/ If I gave you all that’s left of my love/ Would you use it up”. It was then time for the new single and this being From The Other Side Of The World. “We got up really early. We took a boat here. I moved to Berlin a year ago to make music. I left my family and everything to pursue this. It was not so easy but I did it. This next song is for my little sister Spiz” Sara said before lauching herself into this impeccable number. FTOSOTW left me in a trance, Harman’s candy coated vocal tones were rather distinctive and those compelling lyrics were rather touching. “If you know any dance moves like a ghost would do. You should probably do them” Sara asked the intimate audience before Dance With A Ghost. This was an acoustic upbeat tinged with plenty of country vibes. Sara’s vocals actually made me have visions of Scottish songstress Nina Nesbitt. This tune was packed with a punch and it is one that can easily get you moving on the spot. The catchy lyrics were swimming in plenty of emotion “But I’m not going to dance for you/ I know you want me too”. Things were wrapped up with Satellite. This luscious tune oozed plenty of folk pop vibes which just reeled me in. Hartman’s vocals were splendid and slightly husky at the same time. Its melody was extremely chilled out and the thumping chorus had an anthem like feel to it “I could love you if you let me/ But love you gotta let me/ Love you gotta let me/ I could love you if you let me/ But love you gotta let me/ Love you gotta let me”. However things didn’t end there as Sara took to the stage for the much predicted encore. Almost Beautiful was delivered at a steady pace and this tune rendered me speechless. Sara Hartman’s captivating vocal tones sent shivers up my spine. Someone Like Me then concluded what had been a phenomenal evening. Anyhow Sara dedicated this song to the audience. Someone Like Me was a beautiful love song which a solo Hartman delivered to perfection.


Two Feet Off The Ground
Forget To Breathe
Gold Lion
Rain Song
Unfinished Gold
Monster Lead Me Home
From The Other Side Of The World
Dance With A Ghost


Almost Beautiful
Someone Like Me

OVERALL: This was one extraordinary evening in the presence of an artist I’m completely in love with. Sara’s debut Satellite EP is incredible and it was so nice just to hear those tunes performed live. Also the brand new cuts were ever so exquisite as well, songs such as Rain Song, Anchor, Buttons and Alone were simply sensational.

Sara Hartman is a sassy songstress who has a host of incredible material underneath her belt. I literally cannot wait for an album after having been teased with these terrific tunes. When the night came to a close Sara left the stage and 10ish minutes later she came out and met fans. Hartman does really have something special and I literally cannot wait till the day she re visits this country.


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