nilu: What I’m Looking For Single Review


nilu is of Persian heritage and she grew up in both Dubai and California. She was surrounded by Persian classical music whilst at home and during her frequent trips to Iran. Music and poetry nights at friends houses were a constant source of fun and inspiration, as nilu was enveloped by words of Persian poet Hafez and notes of the santour, tombak, setar and violin (the santour, tombak and setar are Persian instruments).

Nilu’s made her entrance onto the music scene with The Dichotomy EP which she independently released way back in 2014. This sumptuous release consisted of 4 delectable songs Two years later she finds herself managed by American Idol’s Randy Jackson and has already dropped the impressive A Thousand Tangle Lies. The follow up What I’m Looking For is sheer brilliance and it makes me anticipate the debut LP On The Wake next year.

Anyhow Nilu is a talented singer/ songwriter and this new single is utter perfection. What I’m Looking For was a sleek tune aided by her rich sultry soulful vocal tones which left me speechless. This had been well crafted with lyrics which I consider to be rather enchanting. To cut the story short What I’m Looking For took my breath away leaving me wanting more at the same time.

Finally this song is over 2 years old, you can find a live performance on YouTube which dates back to April 2014.

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