Daily Dig: Sam Setton

Sam Setton was born in New York City and has been recording and writing music since he was an early teen. Actually when writing Sam draws influence from his surroundings and writes about personal experiences. But it was a recent break up which made him want to take his passion with music further. He’s also inspired by artists including HONNE, Majid Jordan and Frank Ocean to name a few.

Stranger is the latest single by New York singer/ songwriter Sam Setton. I’ve heard this tune multiple times and it literally gets better with each listen. At this moment in time only two songs are showcased on his Soundcloud, these being Stranger and Berlin. Both of this numbers are a real credit to him as they showcase not only his singing skills but they showcased his talent for writing.

Stranger: Written and composed by Sam, this number was produced by Sainte and Lane Banning between Nashville and Brooklyn. Stranger was a refreshing blend of electronica meets pop. Just listening leaves me entranced, Sam’s raspy vocals were smooth like butter and those lyrics focused his recent break up and how they’ve both become strangers. Setton actually wrote this song to grab her attention and win back her heart. Actually those lyrics were very relatable they see you go from being best of friends to becoming strangers all because of a break up/ falling out.

All in all this single was a well written piece of perfection. It was the chorus which had me well and truly hooked. Stranger will feature on the upcoming debut EP next year.

Berlin: This was an upbeat piece of electronica aided by Setton’s hypnotising vocal tones.I found it to be both fresh and funky, you can definitely move to those mesmerising electronic beats. Those lyrics especially the chorus oozed plenty of relaxing vibes. “Berlin is a song I wrote about the constant struggle of being in a toxic relationship. On the surface there’s honesty; feelings of regret, love and hate. But at the core, there is a hope that with patience, things will work out” Setton said regarding Berlin.

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