Cocoa Futures: Blue EP Preview

Scotland-bred and London-based, Cocoa Futures are the brainchild of frontman Greg Sanderson (vocals/bass). Greg then assembled a band including Dave (drums), Zoe (keys) and Jack (guitar) and first came to prominence in 2014 through the self-released upbeat singles ‘Do Something’ and ‘Scotland’, while commanding distinguished reviews for their select live shows, which included the Great Escape and Camden Crawl festivals.

Signed to label Lost In The Manor, 2nd December sees the release of the brand new EP Blue which consists of 4 sumptuous tracks. This release was produced by Marc Withasee (Micachu & the Shapes) and it features the likes of The Blue, Bee and the recently released The Grey. If you are in London on 3rd December, this 4 piece will be launching this record at the Sebright Arms. Anyhow I’ve been extremely fortunate to preview this mini album before the actual release date.

Bee: This delicious tune opened up this sublime short length record. Now Bee was a hypnotic electro pop cut with incredibly catchy lyrics. When listening to this number it reminded me of The 1975. Greg’s vocals were sheer perfection, mellowing me out in the process and then you had Zoe’s luscious harmonies. Anyways this had been well crafted along with catchy vibrant verses “If I’m a Lion in the pride/ Will I still feel sad inside/ If I’m a Shark in the blue/ Would I swim away from you/ If I’m a bird in the tree/ Would the bees be friends with me” and then you had the mesmerising chilled out chorus which was literally a blissful explosion.

The Blue: This song was like a full on force, the moment The Blue starts up the funky melody hits you head on. Greg’s vocals were top notch, then you had the upbeat lyrics which can easily have you moving on the spot.

How Strong You Are: This sumptuous tune was extremely smooth and chilled out. Sanderson’s vocal tones were rather exquisite and those whimsical lyrics left me in a complete trance. Plenty of Indie Pop vibes flowed from this classy cut and all in all this catchy number had been fautlessly written. Whilst I liked the uplifting beautiful verses it is the relaxing chorus which left me in a dream state “You don’t know know/ How Strong You Are/ Don’t stop being yourself/ Being that someone/ Just who you are”.

The Grey: The Blue EP ends with the latest single and this being The Grey. This song is all driven groove, sonorous dancefloor bounce and soaring vocal hooks. Such pull-no-punches positivity stems straight from the tune’s lyrical subject matter. Here is what Greg has to say about this track “The Grey is about someone facing life and all of its normality after something really bad happening. It talks about how difficult that can be and the things that you can do to get through it. It’s also a reminder that they will”. To cut the story short The Grey was a majestical pop tune along with sublime verses and an upbeat chorus. Just listening to this uplifting number left me smiling from beginning to end.

OVERALL: The Blue EP was one stellar release and not only do the 4 tracks showcase Greg’s sensational vocals but they also show that he has the gift for writing infectious indie pop cuts. This EP was completed earlier this year and was mixed by Max Taylor and mastered by Jason Mitchell.

From having listened to this release in its entirety makes me anticipate future Cocoa Futures material.

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