The Retrospective: Harrison: Tease EP Review



Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland is sassy singer/ songwriter Linda Harrison. This year she actually won Best Female Solo Act at the Unsigned Music Awards which took place at The Forum in October. Way back in 2014 Linda rebranded herself and went by another alias. This being Elle Exxe whom is an artist we all know and love. When I witnessed Elle for the very first time I had no idea it was just a stage name. The penny then dropped when a review for debut album Love Fuelled Hate referred to her as Linda Harrison. Then someones request to her to play Be With You at the 229 album launch then led me to this EP.

Anyways back in 2013 Linda dropped her only short length and this being Tease which compromised of 4 sublime tunes. I found each song to be a true masterpiece and she can quite easily give Supermodel and Overexposure that Elle Exxe stamp of approval. Linda Harrison still performs Dirty Beat despite it being before Exxe and Pussy LaRae from the Supermodel video made an appearance at the show at The Old Queen’s Head earlier this year.

Dirty Beat: Now this was an exquisite tune which all Exxterminators will be familiar with. Given that Elle performs this live I was extremely surprised it didn’t make the Love Fuelled Hate cut. Then the ball dropped, this number was before Elle Exxe. Anyhow this was a delectable cut aided by fuzzy sounding synths. Actually Dirty Beat had been well written as the catchy lyrics packed a punch “Coz I’m on my own/ I do what I want/ Dance the Dirty Beat/ Till I hit the floor”.

Supermodel: Now this edgy tune was literally power pop. The delectable lyrics left me completely hooked. Actually you could see this tune as being an anthem. Anyhow Supermodel was a piece of perfection and it is no surprise that Linda actually released this a single.

Won’t Stop: I must say this song is the stand out of this breathtaking EP. Both Dirty Beat and Supermodel you could quite easily picture Elle Exxe singing. But this majestic song oozed plenty of whimsical pop vibes. Won’t Stop started off rather gentle then as the song progressed the pace picked up. This was a fast paced romp with spellbinding lyrics which sunk their claws into me “You make me high/ You’re burning fire, I’m in flames/ And you set me off/ You know they think that I’m insane/ When I’m in shock/ Getting higher from your fumes/ Hell, I Won’t Stop/ I Won’t Stop till I’m with you”. Now this song had been perfectly written as it was both warm and lovely.

Overexposure: This was a spectacular song with captivating verses which I fell for hook, line and sinker. Just like Dirty Beat the lyrics were both edgy and packed a fierce punch. Everything about this cut was spot on and just listening to Overexposure Linda Harrison put everything she had into it.


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