GIRLI @ The Camden Assembly 24th November 2016


Milly Toomey adopts the moniker GIRLI and she is a sassy songstress who I have plenty of admiration for. This talented 18 year old literally owned the stage along with DJ “Rosalie” Kitty. Despite this being only my 3rd GIRLI gig, I’m literally addicted to the material she has under her belt. I remember attending the show at the Old Blue Last earlier this January but was too shy to say hi because her songs were extremely fierce. I then met her in May at The Great Escape and she is so lovely to talk to. Aside from all of that the moment Girli announced she was playing The Camden Assembly I snapped up a ticket straight away. So the day then came and I arrived at the venue around 2pm expecting there to be people already queuing. There was literally one person who started the line and lucky for me I knew her from having attended the Upstairs at The Garage GIRLI show and the Charli XCX After The Afterparty single launch. So just having someone to talk to did make the time pass quicker.


Fast forward to 9.20pm, it was then time for the headline act. November saw the release of the 2nd installment of and everyone in attendance was handed a free signed copy. The showcase by Milly Toomey consisted of 11 sparkling songs which were incredibly intense. GIRLI took to the stage looking rather dapper in her tartan power suit.It was then time for a bit of ASBOys. This tune went down well with the audience as everyone was singing along to every single word. Everything about this tune was spot on, the lyrics were rather punchy and infectious at the same time. So much energy was put into this, the upbeat verses were superb and the chorus was fantastic “Coz you’re an asboy/ Through and through/ Boris bikes allude you/ Council flats and beds for two/ Shooting up and sniffing glue”. This song paints the picture of the stereotypical London bad boy who does drugs and gets on the wrong side of the law.


“Camden Assembly how are you? My name’s GIRLI and this is DJ Kitty over here. We thought we would look smart for the occasion” Toomey said before launching into the Girls Get Angry Too. Now this was a fierce rap esque tune aided by thumping beats and contagious lyrics “Don’t tell me that I’m super cute/ I’m a samurai princess/ I’ll smash you”. Basically you wouldn’t want to get on GIRLI’s bad side. Still this was one exquisite number and Milly’s vocals were pure perfection. She can really spit out rhymes and this cut was delivered with plenty of gusto. “This next song is about my little sister” Toomey then mentioned before embarking onto Note To My Sis. Now this was a wonderful combination of pop meets rap. The melody was so dreamy and the lyrics were incredible infectious “I know school is weird/ I know they take the piss/ I know you don’t believe me when I say you’ll miss this/ I know it’s pointless, to freak about it/ Believe me when I say you’ll miss this/ I know it’s pointless, to talk about it/ Believe me when I say you’ll miss this”. Basically this was an inspirational letter to her sister Nell and this was one phenomenal cut. Milly’s rapped vocals were sugary sweet leaving me mesmerised in the process. “There are so many of you. It was sold out and I still asked my manager like is there anyone down there? I was lucky enough to live in my own flat for a bit over the Summer. It’s great apart from that I had a cock living underneath me who thought he should go to bed at 10pm and that I shouldn’t be aloud to stay out with my friends and have a good time” Milly Toomey then said before launching into Mr 10pm Bedtime. Now this was utter perfection, the melody was entrancing and those delightful quirky lyrics had me hooked from the word go. “Don’t tell me one more time/ That I’ve been trashing you’re bedtime/ I hear you knock, knock, knock on the door and you let me know/ Pipe down or you’ll have to go/ Baby don’t tell me you’re too old/ To have a little fun sometime”. This was a fun filled song which GIRLI faultlessly delivered.


“Is anyone having fun? Is anyone having a bit Too Much Fun?” Toomey then mentioned before delving into the wondrous Too Much Fun. This tune is literally a luscious mixture of pop meets rap. The delectable verses were sung at a fast pace whilst I found the smooth club like chorus to be rather hypnotisising “In my dream you take me to the side/ In my dream you say you’ve got feelings you can’t hide/ I wish one day my dream could be in real life/ Coz in my dream I never wanna close my eyes/ In my dream you call me come and chill at mine/ In my dream it’s me and you all of the time/ I wish one day my dream could be in real life/ Coz in my dream I never wanna close my eyes”. All in all this was tasty tune painting the picture of a wild night out. “This next song is another new one. Seems to be a theme of mine to write songs about having crushes with girls on the internet. This is about another one of them” Milly said before dedicating it to someone she has a massive crush on at the moment and this being Christine from Christine & The Queens. The song in question being Blah Blah Blah. Still this track was a funky jam with lyrics which left me well and truly hooked. “I really wanna call her/ Tell her how I’m feeling now I’m going Blah, Blah, Blah/ I really wanna know her/ Hear her voice on the line going Blah, Blah, Blah”. Now this was a warm sounding rapped number with lovely lyrics which left me smiling from beginning till the very end. Once over it was time for the retro sounding Girl I Met On The Internet. This tune was ever so blissful aided by smooth dreamy vocals. The whole melody had me swaying on the spot and the delectable lyrics lift me in a complete daze  “Oh it will happen like it does in the shows/ I like her eyes and she’ll like my clothes/ Ask for her digits and I start to sweat/ She’ll become the Girl I Met On The Internet”. 


Next it was time for a double dose of new songs and the first being Find My Friends which featured on GIRLI.FM 2. This was a heavy sounding track which revolved around losing your friends at a gig or festival and trying to find them. The lyrics were sheer perfection and the whole vocal delivery was top notch. I especially liked it when Milly came into the audience searching for her friends. Hot Mess was a phenomenal fierce fast paced cut. Plenty of energy radiated from Toomey’s performance. Still this had been well crafted as the verses left me spellbound “They say I’m a Hot Mess/ I don’t care what they say”. This number was anthem in the making. “This song is about a fuckboy from America. I like to welcome onto stage probably the biggest fuckboy from America, Mr Donald Trump” Milly then said whilst a paper mache Donald Trump pinata was brought onto the stage. Anyways the song in question being Fuck Right Back Off To LA and this being the latest single. The verses were rap fuelled whilst the chorus was sugary mellowing bubble gum pop “I hope she gives you love/ Like the groupies do/ I hope she gives you love/ Now I’m thinking Fuck You”. This was one massive anthem which involved plenty of jumping up and down on the spot with the middle finger up in the air. “I can see that she likes you/ Like you liked me/ I texted Fuck Off/ Go away/ Fuck right back off to L.A”.


It was onto the curtain closer and this being So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya?. This was a fierce tune with lyrics that left me utterly enthralled. At first SYTYCFWMDY started off as a ballad then Toomey came in with her infuriating raps. Delivered with plenty of gusto this was the perfect way to end such an epic evening. The chorus was literally unforgettable “Do you know what you’ve got instore/ Maybe soon you’ll know there’s a whole lot more/ Cause I don’t really like you with all that I’m sure/ I think it’s time we need to settle the score/ So you think you can fuck with me do ya/ So you think you could bend the rules/ So you think you could act like a loser”. The moment GIRLI went into the audience, fans then invaded the stage.


Girls Get Angry Too
Note To My Sis
Mr 10pm Bedtime
Too Much Fun
Blah Blah Blah
Girl I Met On The Internet
Find My Friends
Hot Mess
Fuck Right Back Off To LA
So Do You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya?

OVERALL: Milly Toomey is a sassy songstress who has a host of original material underneath her belt. The new songs that were performed this evening were truly exceptional, I so need to hear studio recordings of Mr 10pm Bedtime and Blah Blah Blah. Also it was nice just to hear Note To My Sis again that number is literally amazing.

If you fused Brooke Candy and Charli XCX together you would get GIRLI. I can definitely see 2017 being Milly’s year, for starters her fan base is growing and some of her fans also like Charli XCX.

Anyways this evening was incredibly intense as plenty of fans were jumping up and down to those infectious songs. When things came to a close Milly Toomey then came out to meet fans which is an incredibly nice thing to do. Just meeting Milly yet again makes me relish the next GIRLI gig.


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