Tigertown @ Kamio 23rd November 2016

One of my favourite finds at The Great Escape in 2014 was Australian band Tigertown. I literally adore this 3 day festival as they showcase new bands from all over the world. 2017 will see this 5 piece perform at The Great Escape yet again and it’s something I wouldn’t want to miss. Taking place at various different venues in London, The Great Escape showcased the First Fifty which consisted of bands who will be Brighton bound next May. Tigertown were listed headline at Kamio and the moment it was announced I snapped up a ticket immediately.

This Australian outfit are a family band and the head of this group are married couple Chris and Charlie Collins. Also you have then you have Chris’s brother Alexi (keyboard) and his sister Elodie (bass). Whilst they are a 4 piece Tigertown have recruited a brand new drummer.

Aside from all that Tigertown performed 8 songs, 3 were brand new, 3 were from the Lonely Cities EP and the other 2 being from the Papernote EP. I really enjoyed the showcase but the folk Tigertown of 2014 were well and truly gone. I would actually place them within the synth pop category. The set kicked off with Make It Real and this song was extremely gorgeous. This tune was a fun synth sounding cut aided by Charlie’s sumptuous vocals which had me moving on the spot. The lyrics were sheer perfection as I found them to be really contagious. Straight after it was time from Bullet From The Gun and this was a song which hit me like a ton of bricks. Now Bullet was a sassy upbeat cut with delightful lyrics that I fell for hook line and sinker. Charlie Collin’s delivered this number with plenty of gusto which resulted in one sparkling performance. You can quite easily rock out to this tantalising track. “We’re called Tigertown. We’re so excited to be in London” Chris said before they went into Warriors. The following three songs were brand new and have to feature on an EP at some point. Anyways Warriors was a synth pop explosion, Charlie’s vocal tones left me in a complete trance and then the harmonising was spot on. This was a fun filled song which left me smiling from the beginning to the very end. Still Warriors was sweetly delivered and it was a cut which had been crafted to perfection. Come My Way was ever so dreamy aided by plenty of swirling synths. The verses were incredibly smooth and the addition of the drums gave it that extra oomph. Golden Sky was an epic track which left me in a dream like state. Now this number was a funky upbeat jam radiating plenty of disco vibes. Also there was an epic guitar solo. Straight after it was time for the new single Papernote and I have to say it was literally phenomenal. Now this tune was extremely captivating, Charlie’s vocals were exquisite and the harmonies were utterly luscious. Following on was something else from the Papernote EP and this being What You Do. I found this track to be rather cheerful leaving me mesmerised in the process. In fact What You Do left me with a warm feeling inside. Things then came to an end with the epic Lonely Cities. This was a feel good jam with succulent vocals which uplifted me.


Make It Real
Bullet From The Gun
Come My Way
Golden Sky
What You Do
Lonely Cities

OVERALL: To sum everything up the set by Tigertown was fun filled enjoyable rollercoater ride consisting of songs which left me well and truly hooked. The new tunes were superb and it leaves me relishing an album or EP number 4. Tigerown have something incredibly special, not only are they an incredible band but they are also killer songwriters.

I’m actually glad they came back to the UK and I look forward to seeing them again in Brighton next May.


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