Daily Dig: MIKLO


Miklo are a 3 piece pop rock band who come all the way from Los Angeles. They have recently released their debut single into the public domain and this being Losing My Mind. Anyways Miklo is comprised of Kyle Setter, Chris Garcia (guitar) and Pablo Garcia (drums). They formed when Chris and Kyle met while playing in different bands; upon discovering they were on the same musical wavelength and carried the same ambition, the two musicians moved to Nashville to work on their writing and producing skills, and subsequently Miklo was formed. The band name is an homage to the film Blood In Blood Out.

Back in 2015 they started to write and record Note to Self in 2015 while in Nashville. This debut EP is released this January and based on how incredible Losing My Mind is, this record is going to be a right sizzler.

I have nothing but praise for Losing My Mind. This delectable synth led number was an infusion of pop meets rock which resulted in something that left me utterly hypnotised. The song takes in the subject of anxiety and depression in today’s society “I’ve got doubt fear and shame calling my name/ I hear voices/ They all sound the same”. Kyle Setter’s vocals were pure perfection, those verses were extremely smooth and the catchy chorus was literally a blissful explosion  “I think I’m Losing My Mind/ Think I’m burning alive/ Is this what happens if I let myself fall”. Now Losing My Mind is basically an utter masterpiece, the lyrical content may be deliciously dark but those swirling synths left me in an utter daze.

You can purchase Losing My Mind from iTunes

Aside from all of that based on this one song leaves me extremely impressed. Losing My Mind also showcased the fact they can write a killer song. MIKLO definitely ooze plenty of promise. My only wish would be if the Note To Self EP was released this month. I can tell that this short length will be an impeccable effort but I guess good things come to those who wait.

Note To Self is set to be released 13th January 2017



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