Daily Dig: Taylor Noelle



Born and raised in Los Angeles is 20 year old sensational singer/ songwriter Taylor Noelle. A couple of years ago she moved to Nashville for her senior year of high school. She fell in love with the city and decided to stay. Taylor then enrolled at Belmont University where she studied Music Business.

Having decided to stay in Nashville Taylor then started connecting with local artists and began honing her craft. Also she’s had the opportunity to play at esteemed local venues such as The Listening Room, 3rd & Lindsley, The Country, Café Coco and at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. Now I’ve never been to Nashville before but playing at the Bluebird Cafe is one hell of an achievement.

Whilst in this city Noelle decided to craft her own original material. Having heard the material on her Soundcloud page Taylor Noelle is one sublime songwriter. She wrote Over Now back in 2010 and recorded it a year later!!!!. Anyways from hearing originals such as Over Now, Unhealthy Love, It’s So Easy and Take Me With You it is clear to me that Noelle has a burning passion for music. It’s in fact a passion that will see her succeed. Also her covers from the likes of Taylor Swift, The Proclaimers, Haim, Bruno Mars, Kid Cudi and Tears For Fears are literally mind blowing. Taylor’s vocals were extremely soft and they can lighten up your day.

Finally Taylor counts a range of artists among her inspirations, including Fleetwood Mac, Tori Kelly, HAIM, Alabama Shakes, Sara Bareilles and Adele.

We then come to the present. This Friday (25th November) sees the release of Noelle’s debut EP Out Of My System. Produced by Andrew Conner, this delectable release consists of 4 tantalising tracks. Noelle had this to say about this record “The EP’s title reflects how it even came about — I had all these songs that meant a whole lot to me that I just needed to get ‘out of my system’ and into the world. My vision is that there are people out there who can hear these songs about my pain and my joy and connect them to their own lives. I use songwriting to process my feelings, and I hope that my songs can help other people to do the same”. Now I have been extremely lucky to have access to a preview stream of this short length. Basically Out Of My System is 13 minutes of pure bliss.

Too Good: This exquisite EP opened up with this classy cut. Too Good was extremely breathtaking and Noelle’s sumptuous vocals oozed plenty of country/ Americana vibes. Also it showcased Taylor’s startling songwriting skills, the pacey verses were upbeat whist the chorus was literally a blissful explosion. Just listening to this amazing acoustic jam I can tell Taylor gave it her all. Basically the lyrics focused on a break up with a boy who is no good. Leading Noelle to come to the realisation she is better than that “Why do you think I’m some fool/ Sitting round with nothing better to do/ I won’t shed a tear for you/ Coz I’m Too Good, I’m Too Good for you”.

I Fall: Now this tune is the lead single from this EP and OMG I found it to be incredibly beautiful. On my first listen my mind was blown, I Fall is a beautiful piano ballad which left me in a trance. Noelle’s whimsical vocal tones left me utterly captivated and it had been crafted to perfection. Whilst those lyrics don’t revolve around heartbreak they do tell the story of young love, but the boy moves away and then the distance gets in the way. I won’t lie but this wondrous song brings a lump to my throat because the lyrics were so clear cut.

Won’t Waste My Time: Everything about this number was literally top notch. The melody was slightly edgy and I could pick up on a smokiness to Taylor’s succulent. This was a sassy song performed at a sleek pace and the chorus packed a punch “I Won’t Waste My Time/ Won’t waste my sorrow/  Won’t waste another precious day/ I’m sick of living on lies/ Waiting for you tomorrow/ All these seconds tick away”. Now what took my breath away was the final third. Won’t Waste My Time transformed into something rather sultry. Just hearing Noelle’s soulful vocal tones sent chills up my spine. After that transformation it was then a roller coaster ride till the very end.

Covers Me: Ending this spectacular mini album was this tremendous tune. Covers Me was a charming cut with lyrics which left me grinning till the very end. The majestical melody was rather dreamy and Taylor’s vocals were extremely easy on the ear.

Out Of My System is available to buy on iTunes


OVERALL: All in all I’ve been extremely impressed with the material out in the public domain. EP Out Of My System is extraordinary and not only did it showcase those luscious vocals but it also showcased Noelle’s talent for writing a killer pop song. I actually adored those soulful/ country/ Americana vibes whist listening to each featured track.

Also the originals on her Soundcloud page are impeccable as well, it amazes me that Taylor wrote Over Now when she was only 14/ 15. The likes of Unhealthy Love, It’s So Easy and Take Me With You were impeccable as well.

Taylor Noelle does have a rosy future ahead of her and I literally cannot wait to hear more.


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