Ms Henrik: Fake And Copy Album Review

Yesterday (18th November) saw the release of the Ms Henrik’s debut album Fake And Copy. Released via Birds Records/ Phonofile and Bengans this delectable record consisted of 9 delicious tunes. Now the vocalist behind Ms Henrik is Henrik Eksvärd. He’s not just a unique vocalist, but also a memorable all-rounded performer. Also Eksvärd is extremely passionate and focused on highlighting the ongoing LGBT issues.

A couple of months Like Lovers Do came into my life. This cut was literally a synth lovers dream and oozed plenty of 80s vibes. Actually it is no surprise that this LP had me hooked, as Henrik Eksvärd is a succulent Swedish singer who’s a pop star in the making.

Fake What You Feel: Opening up this dreamy debut was the beautiful Fake What You Feel and OMG this song was literally mind blowing. Smothered with plenty of synth pop goodness this tune was a blissful cut which felt as it was a throwback to 80s pop music. Henrik’s succulent vocals left me in a complete daze and those insatiable lyrics were extremely mesmerising. This number did have some slight sadness within the lyrics  “Are you loving another/ Oh no/ So just what you Fake What You Feel for me/ Am I losing my lover/ Oh no/ You can Fake What Feel You for me”.

Like Lovers Do: This was the debut single and it was one sublime song. Like Lovers Do was a punchy pop cut drenched with plenty of synth goodness. This number had been superbly written, the verses were vibrant and the upbeat chorus was insanely catchy. In fact Like Lovers Do had me tapping my toe from beginning till the very end.

Never Put Your Guns Down: Everything about this cut was literally impeccable. The vocals were ever so exquisite and those lyrics left me hooked. The verses were rather slick and you had the phenomenal chorus which had an anthem feel to it.

When Mike Watt Lost D Boon: Compared to the opening three songs this number as rather different. The vocals sounded slightly robotic and the wonderful melody gave this number that edgy feel. The lyrical content was kept to a minimum resulting in something memorable. I also liked the sound of birds chirping which made When Mike Watt Lost D Boon very chilled out.

Blessed Are The Bald Men: This sublime song kicked off with a trance melody then Ms Henrik came in with the light/ fluffy vocals. Now this was literally pure perfection the verses were rather pacey and then the chorus was extremely blissful. Now this enthralling cut was an uptempo pop jam which left me in a daze.

Cut Down On Everyone: I literally adored this tune, Cut Down On Everyone was extremely mellowing and sent chills up my spine at the same time. You could pick up on a 90s influence , the vocals were distinctive and the lyrics were relatable..

Get The Hate: This for me has to be the records standout tune. Whilst I was in a dreamlike state when listening to both Like Lovers Do and Fake What You Feel. The moment the instrumentation came in I was captivated and then Henrik came in with the gorgeous vocal tones. The catchy lyrics left me hypnotised and I couldn’t help get a warm feeling from inside me when listening to Get The Hate. Basically this was a fresh and funky number with a few expletives.

Banshee: After the Copy What I Think interlude it was time for the curtain closer and this being Banshee. Actually it is the latest single and this was a fun synth led number. Banshee had been well crafted and was aided by sultry beats and Eksvärd’s distinctive vocal tones. To cut things short this compelling cut was a slick groovy jam with an infectious beat which can easily have you moving.

OVERALL: I love my pop music and this record was literally sensational. Henrik’s vocal tones were sugary sweet and each number featured had me hooked. I especially liked the throwback to the 80s.

Fake And Copy is an utter masterpiece, if you love your synth pop then you’ll love this dreamy record. Each tune featured has massive single potential but for me Fake What You Feel has to get its release t some point. That single is literally amazing, the melody was dreamy and it oozed plenty of 80s synth pop vibes at the same time.



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  1. johnclaesson says:

    I like your review, Ms. Henrik is a great artist! But, and that but is quite big, Henrik Olsson is NOT Ms. Henrik, but Henrik Eksvärd is! Henrik Olsson is the Voxpop presenter in the Like Lovers Do music video, the one driving the car.

    Just sayin…


    1. Mr C says:

      Thanks for that, I have just made the alterations 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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