Maya Solovey: Blue Heart Album Review


Tomorrow (18th November) sees Maya Solovey release her brand new album Blue Hear via Womb Room Music. This being her 5th record and it’s the follow up to her Christmas LP In The Bleak Midwinter. Each of these 12 songs which feature showcase Solovey’s sparkling songwriting skills. Also her vocals were extremely exquisite.If you like the folk/ Americana genres then you will love the style of her music. Now Maya was born in Philadelphia, raised in western Massachusetts and is now based in Brooklyn.

Anyhow this whimsical full length left me in a complete trace. Things kicked off with With You and this song was ever so delightful. Maya’s vocal tones were sugary sweet plus this was a well crafted number. Just listening to this blissful song left me smiling from beginning to end. Actually With You was both compelling and charming at the same time. Next it was then time for a bit of Still. What immediately grabbed my attention was the instrumentation and seconds later Maya came in with her sublime vocals. Still was an upbeat jam which oozed plenty of smooth folk vibes. Lasting for a little over 2 minutes, Still was a cheery tune which left me completely mesmerised. Title track Blue Heart opened up with a fuzzy guitar riff and despite this riff this tune wasn’t rock in the slightest, Blue Heart was more folk pop and the candy coated vocals sent chills up my spine. This magical tune had me thinking of Florence & The Machine. Judy Gumtree resonated plenty of indie folk vibes which left me hypnotised in the process. This well written tune was gorgeous through and through. Those lyrics had me hooked and the fast paced melody infused with them to perfection. Body Language is the latest single from this delectable full length and this was a soulful down tempo tune. Now Body Language was a dreamy song which radiated plenty of jazz vibes. Maya’s vocals were superb relaxing me in the process. Running From A Rainy Day was an hypnotic fast pace romp aided by contagious lyrics and a shimmering vocal delivery. This succulent song had been perfectly written and it did really feel like I was living in a dream. Cachorro Quente oozed plenty of sleek sultry jazz vibes. Just hearing this delicious number mellowed me out, there is something about foreign songs which makes me this way. Cachorro Quente is in fact a Brazilian Hot Dog. Karula was a majestical song which flowed plenty of folk pop vibes. The melody was rather mellowing and Maya’s vocals were on point. The lightness of the vocal delivery reminded me of Regina Spektor in a way. Better left me in a trance, this was a gentle chilled out tune with lyrics that which left me spellbound. Come Home Soon was a steady paced cut aided by Maya’s rich vocals which left me completely entranced. Family Tree grabbed my attention from the get go. The melody was extremely light and fluffy, then you had the charming vocals which were sheer perfection.Ending this flawless record was Further West and this song was literally incredible. Further West was a smooth cut aided by Solovey’s smokey vocals which left me enticed.

You can purchase Blue Heart from iTunes

OVERALL: I literally adore this record. The 12 tracks showcases Maya’s extraordinary song writing abilities. Blue Heart was a charming album which I fell for hook line and sinker. She may have released Judy Gumtree and Body Language as singles but these two songs are not the only standouts.

The likes of With You, Still and Running From A Rainy Day had me smiling from beginning to end. Then you had the exquisite Blue Heart which had been written to perfection, Maya’s vocal tones were rather gentle and powerful at the same time. Also Better had a stripped back feel because backing her you had the mellowing guitar and twinkling keys.

Having listened to Solovey’s whole back catalogue I definitely notice that she’s growing in strength. Blue Heart is a folk pop album which knocked me for six and Maya Solovey has created something extremely luscious.


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