Daily Dig: Queen Liz

Coming all the way from Oregon is the ever so talented Queen Liz. I’ve been listening to this amazing American for the past couple of days and I must say I’m impressed with what I’ve heard. Liz has released a multitude of different songs into the public domain and these coming in the form of singles This Queen Stands Alone, Into The Jungle and most recently Freak Show. Also she’s released the debut EP This Is Me which featured 4 tantalising tracks.

Her burning passion for music started at the age of 5. Back then Liz was given a keyboard and started piecing notes/ chords together. From that very moment she was hooked and had to constantly revisit the keyboard to finish what she started. Liz then caught the singing bug at the age of 12 where she auditioned for her school’s talent show. This was when Liz knew she wanted to be on stage and she then started to do research on the music industry.

It was at the age of 14 where she auditioned to sing at her 8th grade promotion and a couple of months later she decided to take her first completed song to the studio. This being One Day which Liz released when she was just 15. The final audition came at the age of 18 where she participated in a local singing competition. Liz only went and won it becoming the first ever winner of Northwest Cherry Idol.

Since then she’s released single The Queen Stands Alone plus Liz also played her biggest show to date at Coachapalooza which sat 800 people. Now 19 yeas old Queen Liz has just dropped her latest single and this being the mesmerising Freak Show.

Freak Show: Having been recently released this is a sumptuous single which is drenched with plenty of electro pop goodness. This Queen Liz song left me completely entranced, the vocals were exquisite and the captivating lyrics were a work of art. Queen Liz does know how to make a killer jam, just listening to it left me completely engrossed and the dance beats can easily get you moving on the spot. The upbeat Freak Show was a stellar song and at the same time the whole performance reminded me of Anne Marie. This tune came about when Liz came out of a bad relationship, shaved her head, went to a party with her friends and she was being judged and stared at “Come into my Freak Show/ There’s some things you gotta know/ Like, first things first no one gets judged here”.

This Queen Stands Alone: Now this is a song which leaves me completely hypnotised. This Queen Stands Alone was a slick number radiating plenty of synth pop vibes. Liz’s vocals were pure perfection and those luscious lyrics left me in a complete daze. This superb track had been well crafted plus it’s one can get you swaying to those electronic beats. My favourite portion of this captivating cut had to be the upbeat rap.

Into The Jungle: This delicious cut was a powerful pop anthem which Queen Liz wrote for all men and women who have been victims of domestic violence/sexual assault. Into The Jungle had been well written and Liz’s vocals were sublime. You could see this as a spellbinding R&B tune which conveyed a powerful message at the same time. Here is what Liz had to say “I wrote this song to not only bring awareness, but to also give a voice to survivors. I wrote it to show that no matter how hard, terrible, or frightening a situation is, you CAN step away from it”.

This Is Me: Sharing the same title as the debut EP it was This Is Me which kicked things off. Now this was a smooth paced pop song which left me completely enthralled. The lyrics were an utter masterpiece oozing plenty of attitude at the same time. This Is Me felt like a statement piece “I don’t care if you don’t like the how I talk/ Coz I do what I want and I walk my own walk/ I don’t care if you don’t like how I can be/ You better suck it up/ This is me”.

Forever Love: This was an entrancing cut which was a refreshing blend of pop meets dub step. The self penned lyrics were a work of art which radiated plenty of warmth. Actually Forever Love left me under a spell, Liz wrote this for a her partner and these lyrics were extremely cute showing how in love she was. Also those delightful lyrics make you picture that this relationship did enter stormy waters  “We accept everyone can make mistakes/ And we’ll fight and we’ll cry/But we work it out always”.

Secret Place: When it comes to this tune it was literally love at first listen. Secret Place was chilled out pop which left me completely compelled. Liz’s vocals were soft and extremely gorgeous. You could say they were smooth like butter and on the whole this was a spectacular song which had been flawlessly crafted.

One Day: Ending this whimsical EP was this pristine number. Now this mesmerising tune is in fact the oldest from the This Is Me EP. Actually it was released on YouTube way back in 2012. One Day immediately grabbed my attention when I first heard it. Now this tune was very pop plus I could pick up on some upbeat folk vibes. Liz’s vocals were rather rich resulting in something rather majestic. Then you had the lyrics which left me utterly hooked.

From looking into Liz’s backstory and listening to the material which is out there at the moment it is plain to see Liz has a burning passion for music. Her songwriting abilities are literally impeccable and the new single Freak Show is an utter masterpiece. Actually this song was shimmering synth pop with the addition of plenty of electronic beats.

Then you had the This Is Me EP which featured 4 blissful songs. From those tracks my favourite had to be This Is Me closely followed by Forever Love. But then both One Day and Secret Place were works of art.

I most definitely look forward to hearing what Queen Liz has up her sleeves in the nearby future.


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