Daily Dig: Elsa Carmona


Spanish señorita Elsa Carmona was born and raised in Barcelona. Elsa later moved to Sweden where she vowed to devote herself fully to music and first graced the scene under the name Sirena, the Spanish word for Mermaid. Carmona said that she used this alias to explore a radio-friendly, dream-pop aesthetic.

Sirena was an exciting prospect and caught the attention of online tastemakers with her early single ‘Chemicals’, which was remixed by Italian producer Addal, and featured on her 2015 debut EP Hearts, along with singles ‘Lunar Lights’ and ‘You Are The Shore’. She also featured on Alesso’s single Sweet Escape last year and this was the last single to be taken from the album Forever. She was also co managed with Noonie Bao on Vivstilo.

Now Sirena’s vocals were rather refreshing and left me hypnotised at the same time. Now this was delightful synth pop and never fails to make you smile. Now we get to 2016, 11th November saw the release of the brand new single and this being Ritual. Elsa has now reverted to releasing music under her own name.

Having played Ritual on constant repeat the style is completely different compared to Sirena’s bubble gum electro pop cuts.

Ritual: We begin with Elsa’s latest tune and this being the impeccable Ritual. Now Carmona wrote this with Markus Andersson and this delectable song was produced by Fredrik Okazaki (Robyn, Seinabo Sey). Anyhow this was a sleek R&B tune with shades of pop music added in for good measure. Now Carmano’s smokey seductive vocal tones left me utterly hooked, actually visions of Jillian Banks (BANKS) sprung to my mind. The whimsical Ritual sounded darker when compared to the material Sirena released between 2013-2015.

Hearts: We then roll things back a year. 8th May 2015 was when the debut and only EP by Sirena was unleashed on the music market. This succulant record consisted of 5 outstanding songs plus it released via Universal Music Sweden. Kicking this sumptuous EP of was the title track. Hearts was delightful synth pop aided by lyrics which left me utterly mesmerised. Sirena’s vocal tones were extremely sweet and the chilled out melody was rather dreamy.

Chemicals: The 2nd track on this delectable EP came in the form of this dreamy bubble gum pop cut. Elsa’s vocals were candy coated, the lyrics were highly addictive and you also had the addition of plenty of swirling synths. Now Chemicals was a mellowing number and reminded me of another Swedish songstress, that being Tove Lo.

You Are The Shore: Track 3 came in the form of this delicious tune. Carmona’s vocals were ever so smooth leaving me completely captivated at the same time. Plenty of electronic beats were present throughout this incredible number. The enchanting lyrics made me fall for You Are The Shore hook line and sinker. All in all this beautiful cut had me smiling till the very end.

Lunar Lights: This single was literally a breath of fresh air. Plenty of synth pop vibes flowed from this uplifting number . Sirena’s smooth vocal range was simply gorgeous and they left me mesmerised at the same time. Everything about this tune was ever so incredible, for starters you had vibrant verses then you had that dreamy chorus. On the whole this had been crafted to perfection.

Love Is Not: Ending this incredible EP was this hypnotic number. In fact Love Is Not was released back in 2013 and it’s pure pop through and through. The luscious vocals left me spellbound and this song was a real masterpiece. Just listening to Love Is Not reminded me of Danish artist MØ.

Don’t Fear The Water: Now this tune was released at the same time as Love Is Not way back in January 2013. However this didn’t make the cut when it came to the debut Sirena EP in 2015. All I can say about this song is WOW everything about this cut is phenomenal. The lyrics were compelling reminding me of the kikes of Lorde also there is the sense of epic ness. Actually this was like an explosion which oozed plenty of pop goodness. My highlight had to be the dreamy chorus.

Elsa Carmona was born in Barcelona to a Swedish mother and a Spanish father yet she has lived in Stockholm for most of her life. Based on what I’ve heard Carmona is a talented songwriter and an impeccable singer. Back in the days when she went under the guise of Sirena very little was known about her. Elsa’s actual name was shrouded in mystery.

“My taste has changed since then, and the music I’m making now is darker and rawer than what I was into before. It just feels right to use my real name for this”.

Ritual is an extremely interesting introductory single, it may be different compared to Sirena’s pop sound but I’m left with the desire to hear more shimmering originals.



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