Introducing: Natalie Bouloudis

Natalie Bouloudis is a sublime singer/ songwriter whom has a wondrous vocal range. 2nd December will see the release of her debut single Burning Pier and I would classify this as being smokey bluesy folk. Honestly I was left utterly enchanted when I heard this delectable tune for the very first time.

Bouloudis is a native of East Sussex and she’s had a burning passion for music since her childhood. From the age of 7 she started writing her own music and has been (till recently) a secret songwriter ever since. Also Natalie has played clarinet in jazz bands and she also had multiple guitar lessons at school.

Three years ago Natalie made her emergence into the music industry under the guise of Aurora Harbinger. She quickly gained a loyal fan base and played venues like Servant Jazz Quarters, The Silver Bullet and The Victoria in Dalston. Bouloudis even launched a Kickstarter campaign for EP How Many Winters For Once Spring and she successfully surpassed the target of £700. I then decided to research Aurora Harbinger in hope of listening to her material. Whilst I did come across the likes of COAL, Vice Versa, Romantic Bullshit Blues and Jettisoned they no longer exist on Soundcloud. It makes sense really because Natalie wants the main focus to be on the newer material. However the only other recording on Bouloudis’s Soundcloud is in fact an Aurora Harbinger track and this being a demo of Raging Forcestress. I’ve heard this folkish tune and I can make comparisons with Peggy Sue.

For Natalie, playing live is an important consideration in the songwriting process, a process which focuses centrally on generating atmosphere and intimacy. Her debut EP Dead Sea Scripts is her first proper recording and it was all recorded live at Wax Studios in London and produced by Robert Strauss.

Burning Pier: This exquisite tune derived from a story Natalie wrote on the job (she wrote various poetry and prose compositions to pass the time). This song is set in a fictionalised amalgamation of the burnt-out husks of Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne piers.

My thoughts on this delightful number are extremely promising. Thoughts of both Anna Calvi and PJ Harvey immediately sprung to my mind. Natalie’s vocals were rather rich/ smokey and they also resonated plenty of folk vibes. On my very first listen I was left completely enchanted.



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