Anna Renee: What You Seek EP Preview

All the way from Los Angeles you have electro pop songstress Anna Renee Roberts and she’s an emerging talent who has a host of material already underneath her belt. 2014 saw the release of EP The Places You’ll Go which spawned the singles Guilty and Sharks then most recently Anna has released dreamy pop cuts What You Seek and Addicted To Heartbreak. Having heard What You Seek I instantaneously became hooked and that then led me to listen to the older material which Roberts release back in 2014.

What You Seek is the sophomore EP and consists of 5 sparkling tracks. Two of which are brand new as Anna made Dali public on Soundcloud on 28th October. I’ve been extremely lucky to listen to this masterpiece and those sumptuous refreshing tunes literally blow me away. This fantastic 5 track mini album was intended to hit the digital marketplaces on 28th October but for some reason there has been a delay.

Addicted To Heartbreak: Now this was a majestical tune with amazing story telling lyrics. Renee’s vocal tones were rather sleek and those delicious lyrics left me well and truly hooked. Addicted To Heartbreak was a rollercoaster of emotion as it tapped into the pain of being wrapped up in addiction, in a cycle of never ending hunger. The perfectly produced music video shows Anna with multiple lovers and different personas  which all lead down the same path and this being heartbreak. “Loving you is the thrill of the chase/ And I wish I could change/ Don’t ask me why/ Something I could not explain/ Chasing the high/ Something I could not not escape/ I must be Addicted To Heartbreak”.

What You Seek: The refreshing What You Seek was a blissful pop tune with a whimsical melody which literally mellowed me out. This impeccable number was written by Anna Renee, Daniel Rojas, Stephen Lukach and Cazz Brindis. On my very first listen I was left extremely impressed. Roberts’s rich vocals were smooth like butter and left me completely enthralled at the same time.

Crooked Man: Now Crooked Man is a cut that leaves me completely intrigued. Those delectable lyrics had me falling for this number hook, line and sinker. This tune was pop through and through, the melody was extremely smooth and all in all Crooked Man left me in a daze.

Dali: This was a well produced tune and Renee’s vocal tones were extremely beautiful and at the same time refreshing. Aside from the piano arrangement and the finger plucking of a guitar you also have plenty of hand clapping. Smothered with plenty of electronic beats Dali left me completely compelled on my very first listen. The chilled lyrics were literally a work of art Renee’s exquisite vocals did kind of remind me of Lana Del Rey.

Weeping Willows: Whist I adore the other 4 songs which feature on this EP this by far has to be my favourite. The main reason being it’s completely different and Weeping Willows was a stripped back piano ballad. Anna’s vocals were soft and hypnotising then you had the pristine lyrics which told an emotional story of growth and goodbye.

OVERALL: This was one phenomenal EP which showcases Anna Renee’s outstanding songwriting skills. Each tune which featured were masterpieces but for me the standout has to be Weeping Willows. I literally love that track as the enchanting lyrics left me spellbound.

If electronic pop is your thing then you will adore this EP. Anna Renee does have something incredibly special and I definitely look forward to hearing more originals in the future.

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