MY @ The Camden Assembly 9th November 2016


The latest starlet to come out of Sweden is My Helmner who is the latest signing to Relentless Records. Now this sassy songstress oozes plenty of potential and happy tears also come to my eyes knowing that her fanbase has grown. Back in September My was announced as the support act for McFly on their sold out Anthology tour and I must say it worked wonders. It was in July when I first came across Helmner after having received a press release for Invincible, the daily dig feature I made then resulted in myself looking into her background and that is when Pretty Little Liar came into my life.

Aside from all that I was fortunate to witness My perform on the first night at The Forum. Now the set showcased 5 spectacular songs, 3 of which were brand new. This then led to Helmner announce she was to perform a free show at The Camden Assembly in November. As her material leaves me spellbound I immediately got a ticket. Actually it came as no surprise that this one date then turned into a mini tour which consisted of intimate shows in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.


Now My was not alone as she’s joined by Simon Westerdahl, Johannes Andersson and session musicians Benjamin Koverman and Jacob. Benjamin also was part of the band when they supported McFly two months ago. Anyways this succulent 10 song set was over in a flash. Now this sparkling set began just before 9pm, the band graced the stage along with My seconds later. “What’s up Camden?  How we doing tonight. Nice to see you all here. Welcome” Helmner then said before diving into the uplifting Invincible. Everything about this cut was superb it was literally a right epic. I would say My Helmner’s genre is both pop and rock. The lyrics were pure perfection, oozing plenty of bubble gum pop vibes and Helmner’s vocal tones were sugary sweet. The fast paced verses were top notch and then you had the killer chorus which packed a fierce punch “Running through the wild/ Into a hurricane/ Get hit by lightning/ Or burst into flames/ I’ll touch the stars/ Snow mountains, climb them all/ Cos when I’m with you, I feel Invincible”. This extraordinary cut could quite easily seen as an anthem. Meshed onto the ending of Invincible was something brand new and this being Worst Song Ever. Now this was literally electric and saw My describe the Worst Song Ever which is stuck in her head. “Alright Camden. Can I get some hands in the air please. Thank you for coming out tonight” Helmner said before finishing this fiery cut. This had been written to perfection and literally hit me like a ton of bricks. All in all this may not be the Worst Song Ever but it’s definitely one that’s stuck in my head.


Superglue followed on and I literally fell in love with this track having heard it during the McFly support slot. This compelling cut started off at a slow ballad esque pace, visions of Ariana Grande’s One Last Time came to mind. Entrancing is the word I’m looking for when describing this tune. It had been perfectly crafted with gorgeous lyrics that left me hooked. When the drums kicked resulted in Superglue packing a fierce punch “You’re Superglue, I’m stuck to you/ The things you do/ Now I’m never gonna let go”.All in all this was a cute sounding tune which saw My going full throttle with the sensational vocal delivery. “Thank you so much for being here. I am My for those who don’t know” Helmner said before introducing Simon, Johannes, Benjamin and Jacob. “So I know it was not only me who woke up a little bit sad today. It’s not been the best day has it, but we felt like there’s no better way to, if you think the world’s going to end let’s just do a show. Let’s just forget about it for this little while” My then said referring to the shock election result in the USA. Pretty Little Liar was a sparkling power pop tune with breathtaking lyrics which were extremely memorable. Basically this was an uplifting bubble gum pop flavoured anthem which can quite have you jumping up and down. The extraordinary lyrics had me hooked from the word go “And then you come along/ I put my fierce outfit on and hoping that you won’t notice it at all/ But I am fooling no one/ So, please turn off the lights/ So you don’t have to see in my eyes/ That I am a pretty little liar on the run”. Overall Helmner delivered this thrilling song to perfection. “It’s about losing control. We wrote it in a cold Winter night in Stockholm” My said before they went straight into the current single and this being White Water. At first this delightful cut started of soft/ gentle and then once the drums came in, White Water gained that extra edge. I could actually feel plenty of energy radiating from this performance. On the whole this was a stellar song aided by My’s powerful and sweet vocals. Actually the performance reminded me of Pvris.


The band left the stage leaving Helmner on stage all alone. It was then something which sounded rather special and this being an acoustic version of Nothing. I literally loved this number and the stripped back nature made this cut rather mellow/ hypnotising. Helmner’s candy coated vocals actually sent chills up my spine. Everything about Nothing was on point, the lyrics had been written to perfection and at the same time they were sweet and tender “All I wanted was to feel Nothing, Nothing, Nothing/ All I wanted was to fear Nothing, Nothing/ I never thought I would feel this fire burning in my skin/ But now it all comes crashing in/ All I wanted was to feel Nothing, Nothing”. This whimsical tune literally left me in a daze. Once over the band then returned and it was time for the next song. “It’s about wanting to save somebody from the pain and wanting to hold them because you are the stronger one” My said before Pain Is Gone. I found this number to be an edgy pop anthem along with sparky lyrics which were like a full on force “I’ll hold you until the Pain Is Gone”. The verses were simply sublime and then you had the thumping chorus which left me utterly compelled. Straight after it was time for the final song of the set and this coming in the form of Down. WOW is all I can say about this tune, Down was a pacey pop jam with delicious lyrics that can quite easily have you dancing on the spot. I was left blown away how amazing this cut actually was and I for one hope it features on the forthcoming LP.


They all then left the stage only to return moments later for a 2 song encore. “It’s been a crazy year but now I feel like I live in London. It’s a lovely town so I’m very happy” My Helmner then mentioned before covering someone elses song. Now this being Sing Me To Sleep which is originally by Norwegian Alan Walker whom is one of My’s label mates. Helmner’s vocals were intense oozing plenty of power at the same time. Anyhow My’s pristine vocals were like a breath of fresh air and she definitely did this song justice. Actually you could quite easily rock out to this number. It was then time for the curtain closer. “Thank you so much for coming” My Helmner humbly said before asking for some fast clapping. Anyhow the curtain closer was the infectious Don’t Tell My Heart. Plenty of power pop vibes flowed from this sumptuous song plus I could pick up on tinges of rock. Delivered with plenty of gusto, the uptempo Don’t Tell My Heart had infectious  verses and a chorus which easily had me moving to the beat.


Worst Song Ever
Pretty Little Liar
White Water
Pain Is Gone


Sing Me To Sleep
Don’t Tell My Heart

OVERALL: This was one enjoyable evening witnessing the birth of the next best superstar. The whole McFly thing has done wonders for her career, being someone new and upcoming landing a support slot like that is literally amazing.

You may think that this is a solo project and My has a backing band accompanying her. Actually MY is in fact a band which just so happens to be her name as well. Helmner’s vocals were literally impeccable, Johannes’s drumming skills were immense, Jacob created something rather mellowing with the keys then both Benjamin and Simon were incredible on guitar duty.

Each tune showcased was literally a masterpiece, My truly does have the gift for writing spectacular songs. They actually make me relish the future LP which I want to put on repeat. I definitely see a bright future for her and I cannot wait to be part of My’s journey.

Once over I finally had the chance to meet My after missing her when she supported McFly in the September. She is so so so lovely and down to earth. I cannot wait until the day MY revisits the United Kingdom to tour.


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