Daily Dig: Haute



All the way from Montreal, Canada you have the wondrous two piece Haute. Just hearing their newest song Reverie has literally left me obsessed. Anyways this electro pop duo consist of Anna Magidson and Romain Hainuat, they formed in Montreal back in 2013. Both Anna and Romain were students at McGill University. They actually met on a Facebook page which Hainaut had created for McGill musicians to share their work and ideas. Having sent each other beats and acapellas, the two met in Paris the summer of that year to record a song at Diez Studios. The tune in question being Down and this was was released in the summer of 2014 by french radio station Radio Nova and play listed on the same radio. It also featured on the Nova Tunes 2.1_3.0 (2010-2014) compilation CD.

Anna and Romain are both French natives whom moved to the United States at an early age. Now Magidson’s has always had a passion, she learnt how to read music the same time when she started to read and her parents are jazz musicians. When Anna was 11 she move to California. There she started getting more involved in choir specifically, before playing guitar and singing with her own gypsy jazz band and with her parents occasionally. Whilst in the choir she began to sing more RnB and soul solos. This was when she realized she wanted to start singing her own RnB compositions on electronic beats.

Born in Paris, France Romain moved to live in New York with his parents when he was 4 years old. When he was 8 he learnt how to play saxophone. Then moved on teaching himself electric guitar at 11. At the age of 12 he started using his father’s computer to make beats on Garageband. He started releasing beats under the name Blasé. The next year he started another music project, this time releasing house and techno tracks under the alias Rombo.

October 2015 saw the independent release of the impeccable Reciprocity EP which featured 6 glorious tracks and then this June saw Haute drop their sophomore on Diez Music and this being the enchanting 4 track Nuit EP. However the bands latest single Reverie (which is the new Hotel Sofitel song) did not feature on Nuit.

Reciprocity: 23rd October 2015 saw this tantalising independent EP hit the digital markets. This was an exquisite release which showcased 6 startling songs. Now Anna writes and sings these delicious cuts whilst Romain is the producer plus he also provides those delectable beats. Reciprocity begins with So High and this being a chilled out cut aided by Anna’s mesmerising vocals. It was literally a breathe of fresh air. So High had been perfectly written leaving me hypnotised at the same time. Sound3 was smothered in plenty of synth pop goodness plus you had the addition of thumping beats. Magidson’s sugary sweet vocal tones had me completely entranced while I found the lyrics to be rather light and fluffy. Your Ki$$ was a fresh and funky tune which had me well and truly hooked. Anna’s upbeat vocals oozed plenty of sleek RnB vibes. Reciprocity was an sensational song with spectacular refreshing lyrics. The vocals were top notch and the whole mellowing nature to this tune had me utterly enthralled for the future. Holdin’ Me Back was another chilled out cut and Anna’s vocals were rather sweet. Just listening to this wondrous number had me smiling from beginning to end. Ending this whimsical EP was U Should Know. This cut was extraordinary, other than the sumptuous synths you also had electronic beats all throughout. On the whole this was a gorgeous track and Magidson faultlessly delivered this to perfection.

Nuit: Having released the impeccable Reciprocity last year, Haute decided to follow it up with another EP. This being Nuit which was released on the Diez Music imprint. Anyways on 3rd June this enticing 4 track showcased hit iTunes. Aroma kicked off thing and I literally had to take a step back when this tune came on. The opening gave me the tingles then Anna came in with her exquisite vocals. Aroma was a sassy upbeat RnB jam which was well written as those extraordinary lyric grabbed me full attention. U Know My Name was offered as a free download and this was an upbeat funky cut which had me in a trance. Just like Aroma the delightful U Know My Name radiated plenty of slick RnB vibes. Kotodream featured Gabe Nandez. When I first listened to this number I was left utterly spellbound. Anna’s vocals were pristine but Nandez provided the majority by providing the edgy raps. I Will Follow then ended this extraordinary 4 track release. This was an ethereal sounding song aided by Magidson’s edgy vocal delivery.

Reverie: 21st October saw the release of this extraordinary single. Just hearing it for the very first time left me captivated. This dreamy tume was an infusion of electro and RnB. Magidson’s vocals were sweet and sensual which created something tat I fell for hook, line and sinker.

This number is a whimsical dialogue between the traveler and destination. Taking inspiration from the mesmeric sense of discovery in travel. Just wastching the slick video reminded me of Katy B. Still Reverie was one hell of a track and it leaves me relishing Haute’s next move.

You can purchase material from Haute from iTunes



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