Twinnie @ The Crazy Coqs 6th November 2016


Located within the Brasserie Zedel was The Crazy Coqs. The latest artist to perform for Live at Zedel was the exceptional singer/ songwriter Twinnie Lee Moore. Now this was a show not to be missed and it came as no surprise hearing it completely sold out. Twinnie even mentioned on Twitter that there were 15 people on a reserve list!

As expected the songs Moore showcased were literally extraordinary. They actually make me wish the debut album is in my hands right now. Now it was just before 8pm when Twinnie graced the stage. What she opened with was the wonderful Home. Taken from the Home EP, this was a splendid tune which oozes plenty of country vibes. This was in fact the second single by Moore and it’s a right cracker. Now this whimsical cut was faultlessly delivered, Twinnie’s vocals were heavenly and those toe tapping lyrics were incredibly infectious. Basically this was an upbeat jam with vibrant verses and a killer chorus “And I know it’s just rocks and stones/ Running in my veins, you’re inside my bones/ I hear ghosts in these corridors/ But without you around, It just don’t feel like Home”. All in all this song is a right epic. “Thanks for coming out on a Sunday night” Twinnie said to the audience before recounting the time she met support act Jack Flash at Pixie Lott’s Ella Guru. It was then time for something brand new and this being Nearly Never. I had the pleasure of witnessing this live back at The Islington in August. This was one hell of a cut which left me completely enthralled. Twinnie delivered this infectious tune to perfection, the vocals were sugary sweet and those cutesy lyrics had me smiling till the very end. There was a Sliding Doors feel to this number as it asked the question what if?. “It was raining on a Friday night/ I was driving staring out the headlights/ Took a wrong turn and saw that neon sign/ Was going to turn around but something changed my mind/ I was looking at you, You were looking at me/ Hey what you drinking/ So I pulled up a seat/ You were thing what I was thinking”. I literally adored this entrancing cut and I hope it does feature on the forthcoming album.


Don’t Want To Love Him No More was packed with plenty of promise, this mellowing tune had been perfectly written and Moore’s powerful vocals were extremely soothing. I see this number being a majestic country ballad with story telling lyrics which oozed plenty of emotion. Also the band gave this tune that extra edge. Following was something which left me in a trance and this being Give It Away, this number oozed plenty of rich country vibes. Actually the melody had a wild west feel to it. Anyhow this was a luscious song with compelling lyrics which had me hooked from the very start. “Sticks And Stones/ Rumours don’t break bones” Everything about this number was on point and the contagious beat had me moving in my seat. “That was basically us trying to rip off Johnny Cash” Twinnie then joked once this number was over. I Like You Better When I’m Drunk followed on which did get a few chuckles from the audience. This cut was jaw dropping, I Like You Better When I’m Drunk extremely upbeat aided by lyrics which hit me like a ton of bricks. Twinnie Lee Moore literally belted out this song at a blitzing pace. The hookable chorus oozed plenty of power and felt like an anthem. “We’re going to slow it down a little bit” Moore said before getting stuck into Walking Away. This cut was literally phenomenal, Walking Away was a keyboard ballad and the delicious vocals were both soft and rather mellowing. When it progressed both the drums and guitars joined in creating something majestcal. I wont lie but Walking Away was swimming with plenty of emotion “I wanna tell you that I’m fine/ But it’s all just a lie/ Yeah, I don’t want to hurt you/ But I’m dying inside/ When you put your loving arms around me/ I’m Walking Away/ I’m Walking Away”. Twinnie literally delivered this number with plenty of gusto.


“Thank you all again for coming out tonight”  she humbly said before getting stuck into Let’s Do It Or Just Forget It. At first this number had a slow pace and the smooth vocals were candy coated. Once Twinnie finished up with the first verse the whole tempo morphed into something uptempo and upbeat. Everything about this glittering number was extraordinary, the verses were superb and the chorus was extremely contagious. I definitely look forward to hearing the actual studio version. Having plugged the physical copies of the Home EP it was then onto a song which Twinnie dedicated to her parents who believed she would be able to achieve her dream. You Can was a cheerful tune aided by a warm vocal delivery which left me grinning from beginning to end. The verses were incredibly cute leaving me hypnotised at the same time. Towards the end everyone was clapping along to the beat in unison. This tune was pure perfection and those catchy lyrics left you smiling “I wouldn’t love you any less/ You’ll always be my best”. Once over Moore delved into Lie To Me. I really liked this number as it had a soft  emotional ballad feel to it. That middle 8 does bring a lump to my throat. This was beautifully delivered, the vocals were rather soft and the lyrics were utter perfection. Twinnie delivered this enchanting song with plenty of gusto. Looking Out For You was next up and Moore mentioned that she wrote this for her Grandad. This breathtaking song was ever so tender/ beautiful. Twinnie reminisced about her youth and I won’t lie but the lyrics tugged at my heartstrings. As this number progressed the pace then picked up transforming this into an infectious toe tapper.


Thanks So Much For Your Music followed on and this being the newest cut. This number was literally mind blowing and the delectable chorus had an anthem like feel to it. Twinnie’s vocals emitted plenty of country vibes and then you had the sweet sounding lyrics which left me spellbound “Let’s ignite the spark back till when we first met”. Next it was onto a cover and this being of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark. Twinnie absolutely owned this and it was refreshing to see someone else tackle it. “I had a motorbike accident about 5 years ago and decided to write a song about it” Twinnie Lee Moore said before getting stuck into Scars. Basically this extraordinary tune had an anthem feel to it plus there were some impressive guitar riffs. The vocals were simply flawless and those honest lyrics had me falling for this cut hook line and sinker. Dance With Me was up next. I have to say this light sounding song was extremely uplifting. Whist the verses were spectacular my favourite part had to be the blissful chorus. Social Baby was extremely quirky as the lyrics referenced our obsession to social media. Those lyrics captured my attention and Twinnie Lee Moore’s vocal delivery was simply pristine “I’m calling from my iOS/ One touch of my touchscreen/ One click and everybody else sees”. 


This spellbinding evening ended with Cool. This was rather refreshing along with charming lyrics which never fails to make me smile. Oozing plenty of country/ Americana vibes the mesmerising Cool reminded me of The Shires. Aside from all that the vocals were spot on and those charming lyrics were extremely infectious “You can call me after midnight/ Tell you everything is alright/ Keep all my secrets safe/ Meet you on the corner at the usual place/ Maybe now is not the right time/ Can’t be yours and you can be mine/ Feels like, right now every which way we lose/ Maybe someday we will be Cool”. 

Once over Twinnie and her band left the stage only to return moments later. The real curtain closer came in the shape of Traveler. One word for this majestic song would be dreamy. Twinnie Lee Moore’s vocals were out of this world and those enthralling lyrics left me in a daze. “I couldn’t tell you honey/ I don’t know/ Were I’m going but I gotta go”. Once this magical tune was over everyone got up and gave Moore a standing ovation. This was one sensational evening witnessing an artist I adore performing songs I could quite listen to on repeat.


Nearly Never
Don’t Want To Love Him No More
Give It Away
I Like You Better When I’m Drunk
Walking Away
Let’s Do It Or Just Forget It
You Can
Lie To Me
Looking Out For You
Thanks So Much For Your Music
Dancing In The Dark
Dance With Me
Social Baby



OVERALL: This was one phenomenal evening witnessing enchanting country/ pop music being performed right in front of me. Twinnie Lee Moore has something incredibly special, not only is she an excellent singer but she’s also a mega talented songwriter. These songs showcased prove exactly that. Just hearing them for the first time makes me relish having the debut album in my hands. It is hard to pick out a favourite because each number left me compelled. But other than Nearly Never and Scars (which Moore performed back at the Islington) the ones that had a slight edge were I Like You Better When I’m Drunk and Social Baby. But then again both Don’t Want To Love Him No More and Walking Away were emotionally beautiful.


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