Daily Dig: Laura Nox



A few days ago I received an email in my inbox regarding the debut single by Swedish songstress Laura Nox. Now this song being Save A Little Love and this being a breathtaking electronic pop cut with lyrics which literally left me completely captivated.

Growing up in Malmö, this impeccable 21 year old Swede started performing in bands at the age of 17, and now, as a unique solo artist laden with British influences including the likes of Depeche Mode, Laura is moulding her own tantilising brand of modern pop.

Nox is new on the music scene and is signed to Warner Music Sweden. In fact she’s so new her very own Facebook page materialised on 3rd November. From listening to the debut single I can see Laura offers plenty of promise as this tune was literally a slice of heaven.

Anyways this majestic single mixed electro-influenced underground sounds with darkly grand synths and an addictive chorus. The soundscape is wide and dream-like, providing a deep melancholic world to get lost in. Everything about Save A Little Love was sheer perfection, the lyrics left me entranced and Nox’s vocals were sugary sweet leaving me addicted. Actually it was a right epic and that delicious sounding chorus was like a breath of fresh air.

Laura says that “The lyrics are based on important current events, moral aspects and questioning societies standards. A red line is to never explain but to questioning and to always encourage a living on the edge feeling where you’re testing limits and looking for thrills. I want to invite my listeners and to a world where everything is allowed and everyone are equals!”.

Based on this extraordinary single I definitely look forward to hearing more from Nox next year.



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