Anna Atkinson: Sky Stacked Full Album Review

27th October saw the release of Sky Stacked Full. This being the sophomore LP by Toronto based Anna Atkinson. It was the enchanting When We Were Young which left me utterly entranced and it showed the promise Atkinson has to offer.

This record was co-produced with guitarist David Occhipinti and was written over a span of 10 years. Sky Stacked Full consists of 10 glittering tracks and I would place the genre in the indie folk category. When I first heard this sophomore each song left me completely mesmerised.

Snowshoe: Opening up this whimsical album was this delectable tune. Snowshoe began with some entrancing finger plucking along with some twinkling synths. Then Anna comes in with her exquisite smooth like butter vocal tones. Just listening to this sent chills up my spine and all I want to do is snuggle up in front of a roaring fire. Still Anna wrote this perfect song and she also provided all the instrumentation.

Water: This was a delightful song aided by Atkinson’s sugary sweet vocals plus you also had the addition of the violin. Right at the start the vocals were at the forefront then moments later the strings came in. Actually the whole instrumentation literally mellowed me out and I could pick up on folk vibes within Anna’s sparkling vocals.

Lovers: Just hearing this wondrous tune for the very first time left me completely captivate. Other than the chimes and the guitar you also had the accordion added into the mix. The gorgeous vocals were reminiscent to Regina Spektor. Anyhow everything about this number was pure perfection, the lyrics were catchy and the vocals left me in a daze. Anna Atkinson delivered Lovers with plenty of gusto.

When We Were Young: This is the lead single from this impeccable album. This song was an enchanting piece of perfection. The use of the violin sent chills up my spine. Anna’s vocal tones were sweet like honey and rather powerful as well.

Nobody Knows You: Now this was a short but sweet track aided by insatiable lyrics and candy coated vocals were pristine. Just hearing this sumptuous song for the first time grabbed my full attention. Atkinson put in a sterling performance and the vocal tones made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. I really adored the usage of what I can assume to be a xylophone.

Silver: Now Silver was a slow paced ballad esque cut aided by mesmerising lyrics and then you have Anna’s gentle/ soothing vocals. When I first played this song I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Silver is such a gorgeous song, the vocals were exquisite and the whole instrumentation was literally amazing.

I’ll Buy You Lunch: Just like Nobody Knows You, I’ll Buy You Lunch was yet another short but sweet song. Now this cut was extremely interesting as it consisted of 4 delectable but short verses. “I’ll Buy You Lunch someday/ Just don’t give your life away” Anna says during the first verse. When playing this song I was left completely spellbound.

When The Night Has Passed: Now this number literally leaves me lost for words. This piano based cut was again both short and sweet. Actually it left me under a spell. Atkinson’s vocals were incredibly angelic and the sleekness of the lyrics made this number rather refreshing. Also I could pick up on the strings which gave When The Night Has Passed that enchanting feel.

In December: Now this was a whimsical number aided by dreamy vocals and catchy lyrics. There were dashes of emotion as it detailed a relationship breakdown “When you left me In December”. Still this had been well written and those catchy lyrics left me under a spell.

Winter Wind: Ending this stunning LP was this sparkling tune. Compared to the 9 prior tunes Winter Wind was extremely different. This being down to the fact it’s epic piano pop aided by a flawless vocal delivery from Anna Atkinson and lyrics that just embedded themselves into my brain.Plenty of power oozed from this pristine performance and Anna put everything she had into it.

You can purchase Sky Stacked Full from iTunes


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