Daily Dig: Frida Sundemo

Frida Sundemo was born in Gothenberg, Sweden way back in 1986. Now signed to Cosmos Music I predict a rosy 2017 for this pop princess. Sweden is well known for churning out exquisite acts such as (the most known of all) ABBA, then you have the likes of Tove Lo, Zara Larsson, Elliphant, Tove Stryke, Agnes Carlsson, Icona Pop to name but a few. Music is something Frida is extremely passionate about, she even put her Medical Studies on hold.

She’s actually been in the music industry since 2010 creating alot of pop jems. 2010 saw the release of the debut album Dear, Let It Out, 2013 saw Sundemo release EP Indigo via Parlophone and then 2014 saw her drop the Lit Up By Neon EP via Best Fit Recordings. Two years after saw the release of the insatiable single We Are Dreamers.

Frida writes her songs alongside Joel Humlén, who also produces these startling tunes. She also had a hugely acclaimed single last year and this being Heroes. This number featured in the Hollywood movie Kill Your Friends. Frida made her big screen debut in the film with a leading role alongside Nicholas Hoult and James Corden, providing three songs in total for the soundtrack. Her irresistible music was appeared within episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Scream Queens last year. Just knowing she’s performed in the United Kingdom for 3 days during the end of March 2013 makes me sad. Here’s hoping Frida will re visit when the new album is out.

We Are Dreamers: 28th October 2016 saw Frida drop this sensational single. Now this song is the first to be released on new label Cosmos Music and just listening astounds me. Sundemo’s vocals start of both sweet and fragile then when this tune progressed they became stronger. Basically We Are Dreamers was an inspiring feel good pop anthem along with a tantalising smooth melody.

Keep An Eye On Me/ You: This delightful AA side came out on 30th September 2015. First up you have Keep An Eye On Me which featured in Greys Anatomy. This tune was a beautiful ballad aided by Sundemo’s gorgeous vocal tones and then you had the lyrics which tugged on my heart strings. You on the other hand was a different kettle of fish. This wondrous number was extremely upbeat and those sticky sweet vocals had me smiling from beginning to end.


Lit Up By Neon: 12th May 2014 saw the sophomore Frida Sundemo EP release via Bet Fit Recordings. Just like the Indigo EP, Lit Up By Neon showcased 5 glittering originals which were literally superb. Lit Up By Neon was the opener and the twinkling synths captured my full attention. The catchy lyrics left me enticed and then you had Sundemo’s whimsical vocals which left me swooning from side to side. Those dreamy vocals were so sweet they could quite easily give you a cavity. The intro to Drawn To You then Frida comes in with her shimmering vocals. This was a slice of synth perfection. Just listening to this catchy cut left me completely hypnotised. The fuzziness of For You, Love grabbed my attention, the vocals were extremely smooth and the usage of the saxophone reminded me of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Run Away With Me. On the whole this was an entrancing chilled out jam which I completely adored. Hanging By A Thread was mesmerising pop delivered at a steady pace. Just listening to this charming cut made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Dead then ended what was a fantastic EP. This piano ballad was swimming with plenty of emotion.


Indigo: 1st March 2013 saw Sundemo bring out her debut EP. Indigo consisted of 5 majestical originals which left me utterly compelled. Indigo was first up and this being a blissful pop jam smothered with plenty of electronic beats. When listening to this cut images of La Roux came to my mind. Frida’s candy coated vocals had me completely entranced and those delicious fast paced lyrics were uber contagious. Actually Indigo is a synth pop anthem in the making. Snow was a mid tempo cut was a charming electro pop ballad which left me spellbound. Sundemo’s enchanting vocals were rather whispy and reminded me of Janet Devlin. Those whimsical lyrics makes me wish the United Kingdom has a white Christmas this year. Jaguar was a fresh and funky cut with extraordinary lyrics which left me captivated. The vocals were on point and on the whole this was a hypnotic cut with lyrics which easily can easily get you fist pumping the air. Home was beautifully breathtaking, Frida’s pristine vocals and those delectable lyrics left me in a daze. Sundemo definitely has the knack for writing magical electro pop cuts which leaves you wanting more. Machine was a mellowing epic which sent shivers up my spine. Everything about this cut was top notch. Things then come to a close with another take of Indigo and this being strings version . This luscious literally made my jaw drop, this delightful tune was a slow paced ballad and left me engrossed.

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