Daily Dig: Michelle Thibodeau


Michelle Thibodeau is a talented 23 year old singer/ songwriter whom was born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick. A couple of years ago she relocated to Toronto to pursue her passion in music.

14th July 2009 saw a 16 year old Michelle make her emergence on the music scene. The end product being EP Sun Kissed which she co produced. This record consisted of 6 tunes and trying to track it down on the internet is virtually a no go.

Back in the summer of 2012, Thibodeau was a finalist on CBC’s Over the Rainbow (this was a competition to find a Dorothy for Toronto’s Mirvish production of The Wizard of Oz). This then lead Michelle to perform a solo for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber at his resort in Barbados.  That same year saw Thibodeau independently release a Christmas 9 track album called When Snow Falls. I’ve listened to that record and Michelle’s vocals were extremely angelic.

In February 2016, Michelle performed in a professional production of The Sound of Music as the Liesl (16 Going on 17).

Also I must mention the fact she’s a trained classical vocalist and a musical theatre performer. Also Thibodeau is a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts in British Colombia plus she completed the Artist Entrepreneur Program at Coalition Music in Toronto.

Aside from all of that, Michelle is working on a full length album which at present is in its early stages. This record will no doubt feature the cheery Hey Hitchhiker and the Factor funded CBC listed Checkmate. Thibodeau also has her own channel on the popular social media platform YouTube. On this channel she has uploaded spectacular covers of well known acts (Ed Sheeran, Adele, Lady GaGa) plus you also have stunning original songs which oozed plenty of promise.

Checkmate: 20th September saw the release of this Factor funded single. Checkmate was actually one of the first songs Michelle wrote on the piano. Anyways this was a beautiful piano ballad which left me completely entranced. Thibodeau’s sugary sweet vocals were smooth like butter and the way this delightful song had been crafted was utter perfection. The play on words between the game of love and the game of chess was the inspiration for this fun filled track “What move will you make next/ In our little game of chess/ You’ve got me in Checkmate”. On the whole this was a spellbinding number which referenced all the chess pieces minus the Bishop.

You can get Checkmate from iTunes

Hey Hitchhiker: 1st October 2015 saw Hey Hitchhiker hit the digital marketplaces. Now this delightful song was recorded at Coalition Music Studios and like all her tunes this was self penned. I literally adored this cut the melody was cheerful and those sumptuous lyrics had me smiling all throughout. Hey Hitchhiker was a fast paced acoustic driven pop jam and there were hints of a folk influence. Michelle Thibodeau has a masterpiece on her hands, her sublime vocals were sweet like chocolate and my very first listen I left me mesmerised.

You can get Hey Hitchhiker over on iTunes

Also back in 2014 she released the superb Let It Move You. Anyways apart from those spectacular singles she has a host of original material showcased on her Soundcloud page. These fantastic 5 numbers are packed with plenty of promise and these showed that she’s got the knack for writing killer songs.

Vagabond: This number is literally a breath of fresh air and the video was in aid of The Chapel Sessions. Michelle’s vocals were top notch and the whole acoustic nature left me in a daze. The wondrous lyrics were both light and cheery which uplifted me at the same time.

My Someone: This was a shimmering original that Michelle wrote. She then had a little help from her friends when recording this whimsical cut. Anyways this stripped back number was an enchanting piece of perfection. The lyrics were ever so beautiful and Thibodeau’s light/ smooth vocal tones mellowed me out.

Nobody’s Victim: Just listening to this lovely unplugged original leaves the hair on the back of my neck stand on edge. This tune showcased Michelle’s extraordinary song writing skills. The delivery of the stripped back Nobody’s Victim was extremely exquisite and I wont lie the powerful lyrics left me with a lump in my throat.

Allons-Y On Y Va!: This insatiable song was part 2 of the Unplugged trilogy. When I first listened to this cut I was bowled over. Now Michelle is a bilingual singer songwriter and this was the first French song she has shared. There is something about foreign songs which leave me utterly captivated .

Give It A Rest: Now this stripped back tune was packed with infectious smooth paced lyrics which are extremely memorable. Thibodeau’s vocals on this song were out of this world, the whole sweetness of Give It A Rest sent chills up my spine. On the whole this was yet another tremendous tune showcasing Michelle’s superb song writing skills.

To sum everything up Michelle Thibodeau is an incredible independent artist who’s not only been blessed with an angelic singing voice but she’s also been given a gift when it comes to songwriting.

Each glittering original leaves me under a spell. I definitely relish the day next year when Thibodeau releases her next record, based on what I’ve heard I know it will be a complete cracker.

Michelle has played playing a lot of live shows in Toronto and across the Maritimes. She’a also playing at Indie Week Canada for the 2nd year. My dream is to witness her live. Now Gabrielle once said Dreams Can Come True and this is one dream I would love to become a reality.

Official Site



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