Cale And The Gravity Well: The Age Of Envy Album Review

Back in May Cale Bonderman released The Age Of Envy on Made It The Shade Records. This served as the debut album by Cale And The Gravity Well and it was a mix of folk meets indie. When I heard this record for the first time I was extremely impressed with Bonderman’s vocal range and the songwriting was literally top notch.

Residing in New York City, Cale And The Gravity Well formed in late 2015, mostly as the result of a joke. Cale’s sister Zoe had earlier opined that she was thinking of starting a record label, and Cale, with all the certainty of the skeptical, declared that he would join it.

Now this sumptuous LP was produced by Chris Brooks, Henry Upton, Chase Lapp, and Nathan Bergman of DC based rock band Lionize. The Age Of Envy featured 12 sparkling songs.

The Age Of Envy: Opening up this album was the title track. The perfectly written The Age Of Envy was delivered with plenty of gusto oozing plenty of folk rock vibes in the process. Cale’s vocals were exquisite and the lyrics left me completely captivated.

Charming Devil: This song literally took my breath away. Charming Devil was an uptempo folk cut with delectable lyrics which literally had me hooked. Also Charming Devil oozed plenty of reggae vibes as well. Anyhow this number was a well crafted piece of perfection and it was one that easily has you moving on the spot. The vibrant verses and the compelling chorus had me smiling from beginning to end.

Somebody Else: This incredible number literally packed a punch. It is no surprise knowing that Somebody Else was released as a single. Still Bonderman’s vocals were impeccable and this tune was smothered in plenty of indie rock goodness. Just listening to it for the first time I was reminded of UK band Arctic Monkeys.

Toy Store Robbery: Now the incredible Toy Store Robbery was literally an explosion. Delivered at a fast pace, this delicious song was packed with lyrics which I fell for hook line and sinker. Plenty of blues/ Americana vibes flowed from the stunning Toy Store Robbery and the highlight for me had to be the contagious chorus.

The First Storm: The opening to this tune hit me like a full on force. Its melody was extremely light and mesmerising. The First Storm was a fast paced folk tinged cut which left me completely enthralled. The lyrics were catchy and there was a richness to Cale’s vocals. Actually this impeccable tune sounded like a hoedown and can quite easily have you fish thumping the air.

Interlude (Absalom): Don’t let the title of this song deceive you. Interlude is not an Interlude, instead it’s a haunting folk number along with some impressive finger plucking of what I assume to be a banjo. The stunning lyrics were actually swimming with plenty of darkness.

Low Light: Low Light was an intriguing song which had been well written. This tune radiated plenty of indie vibes and I found those impeccable lyrics to be both bright and breezy.

Killing Ground: I found Killing Ground to be a sleek indie rock cut aided by spectacular lyrics and Bonderman’s ever so rich vocal tones.

If That Ain’t Enough: This song oozed plenty of indie pop vibes which left me completely entranced. The lyrics were contagious and the vocals were top notch. I could also pick up on a slight rasp within Cale’s exquisite vocals. If That Ain’t Enough was a pacey cut and this tune resonated plenty of energy.

An Angry Blade: Now this number started off soft and gentle, then the drums came in giving An Angry Blade that extra something. On my first listen I was left completely hypnotised and the whimsical melody was chilled out. Actually i found both the instrumentation and lyrics to be extremely haunting. This song in fact sent chills up my spine.

So Many Lashes: Having been released as a single earlier this year, the majestical So Many Lashes had an uptempo melody which left me uplifted. Everything about this number was on point, basically So Many Lashes was indie pop. The lyrics were a work of art as they left me engrossed and Bonderman’s vocals had me grinning from beginning to end.

Lions And Tigers: This song was like an explosion and I found Lions And Tigers to be rather edgy. The verses were faultless and the incredible chorus oozed bundles of energy. Just listening to this cut had me under a spell.

OVERALL: All in all this was a brilliant album which showcased Cale’s terrific songwriting skills. Being a fan of the folk genre made each tune a spectacle. Whilst I adored all the 12 songs featured my highlights had to be Charming Devil, Toy Store Robbery, Somebody Else and So Many Lashes.

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