Daily Dig: Feyer

Andrew Feyer is singer/songwriter/composer/producer and multi-instrumentalist with diverse musical experience spanning all genres and styles. Feyer is set to release his debut record Signals Internalized sometime soon and based on what I’ve heard it will be a right cracker.

Andrew was born in New York City way back in 1993. When he was the age of 6, Feyer started to play the piano and that is when the passion for composing instrumental pieces started. 5 years later Andrew had taken up drums and was singing, playing guitar, and writing songs. He even attended college for composition, music production, orchestration, vocal and instrumental studies, scoring, and musical acoustics/engineering.

I Just Don’t Know: This delightful tune was the debut Feyer single and it was released at the beginning of October. I literally fell in love with this track on my very first listen. I Just Don’t Know was a blissful fast pace electro pop cut which left me completely entranced. The smooth vocals were candy coated and those delectable lyrics had me hooked from the word go. All in all this was a joyous electronic pop song which I found to be rather uplifting.



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