Introducing: Mariam + Heart To Heart EP Preview


Mariam is a talented singer/songwriter and self taught guitarist hailing from South London. Described as ‘atmospheric soul’, her music is the perfect blend of soul, folk and pop with thought provoking lyrics.

In 2011, Mariam decided it was finally time to share her music with the world and introduce herself as a singer/songwriter. She got well acquainted with the underground scene and started playing open mic nights. These experiences turned into opportunities and Mariam joined the ‘London Community Gospel Choir’ (who has supported artist such as Tom Jones, Sam Smith and more) and started working on original material with local artists (including British artist Samm Henshaw).


2016 is the year when Mariam takes centre stage and the single that serves as her introduction is Be Here For Me which is taken from the forthcoming EP Heart To Heart. Featuring 5 delightful tracks this breathtaking EP hits music stores on 4th November. Now I’ve been lucky to preview this insatiable record and all I can say is WOW.

Be There For Me: Opening up this exquisite EP is the debut single. Be There For Me was a pop esque cut with dashes of soul. When carefully listening to the lyrics this number is actually about unrequited love. Mariam’s vocals were so luscious and it is clear to see that she has a burning passion for writing and singing her own tunes. She is actually a stunning wordsmith and despite there being tinges of emotion when feelings aren’t reciprocated “I tried and tried and tried/ Wasn’t good enough/ I tried and tried and tried/ But I had enough”, Be There For Me was both light and fluffy. The upbeat melody left me completely entranced and this number really is an addiction.

What I Want (Interlude): This sweet interlude lasted for just under 2 minutes. Not only did it feature a combination of different instruments, What I Want also showcased Miriam’s soulful vocal tones. The lyrical content was kept to a minimum as the same phrase was sung over and over again “What I want is/ What you want/ What you need/ Is what I need”. This short interlude actually sent shivers up my spine.

Without You: Plenty of soulful R&B vibes oozed from this number. I found the epic sounding Without You to be rather majestical. Just listening to this delightful tune left me captivated. The lyrics centre around a couple whom love one another but they have gone down a path which isn’t easy “I can’t do this Without You/ You’re where I belong/ Your heart is my home”. As for the vocals, well they were ever so exquisite and extremely powerful at the same time.

Grow (Interlude): The second and final interlude of this dreamy EP came in the form of the bright and cheerful Grow. Just like What I Want the lyrical content was kept to a minimum. “So come on Grow with me/ Come on Grow with me/ Don’t you change your mind/ Just Grow with me”. Anyhow this was a slick R&B number which had been completely stripped back. Mariam’s vocal tones were pristine leaving smiling from the very beginning to its very end.

Running: Things then come to an end with this extraordinary number. Running oozed plenty of soul and Mariam’s vocals were extremely gentle. Actually this cut was flowing with plenty of chilled out vibes. I must say at this point those delectable lyrics left me well and truly hypnotised. As we get to the halfway mark, the drum beats then came in making this number pack a fierce punch.

You can pre order Heart To Heart from iTunes

Official Site


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