Daily Dig: Anna Atkinson

Anna Atkinson is a talented singer/ songwriter who already has 2 albums under her belt. Atkinson who was born shores of the Detroit River in the 80s relocated to Toronto 7 years ago.

Way back in 2011 Anna Atkinson released her first album Mooniture independently. Mooniture is a word Anna invented and it’s furniture made from pieces of the moon. This delightful record was then re released a year later on Aporetic Music. Anyways this record consisted of 11 shimmering tracks which left me utterly entranced. I’ve only heard a few tunes from this LP and Anna’s vocals spine tingling and extremely sweet at the same time.

Now Anna is an incredible talent plus she’s also a trained classical violinist. Atkinson composed for theatre, film, chamber ensembles and choirs as well as her own projects, combining elements of pop, chamber music, avant garde, baroque, cabaret, country, electronica and R&B.

27th October sees the release of the sophomore record and this being Sky Stacked Full. This record being a whimsical 10 track album which had me completely hooked on my first play through.

The first single to be lifted from this delectable record being When We Were Young. Now Atkinson mentioned how this was about making things and explores her connection to the past. The concept of this song revolves around an article Anna saw when she was a child. This piece was about a Canadian artist – Janet Morton – who knitted a sweater for a house on Ward’s Island. The working title was in fact Sweater For A House.

Now When We Were Young was an enchanting piece of perfection. The use of the violin sent chills up my spine. Anna’s vocal tones were sweet like honey and rather powerful as well. Regarding the music video, this was sheer brilliance. The fact it was shot in black and white adds to the ambience.

Having heard both Mooniture and Sky Stacked Full I can tell that Anna Atkinson oozes plenty of promise. The new record was co-produced with guitarist David Occhipinti and was written over a span of 10 years. The material which is already out there is a mixture of indie meets folk which I consider to be a wondrous combination.

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