Featurette: Crave Album Review


Having released 2 EP’s back in 2015, this Ocotber saw Featurette drop their debut album and this being Crave. This Toronto-based duo was formed by singer Lexie Jay and drummer, Jon Fedorsen back in 2012. Now this record may be 11 days old but from listening to this LP I feel compelled to write my thoughts.

Crave consists of 9 shimmering tracks (well 10 if you include the Intro) and if you love your synth pop then this record is for you. Basically Crave literally took my breath away, Lexie’s vocals were gorgeous, the electronic beats left me hooked and on the whole I could quite easily stick this hypnotising LP on repeat.

Press Play: Opening up this delectable LP was this clever introduction. This feature film really had begun and it was a bumpy ride.

Broken: Now where do I start. Just listening to this whimsical number literally blew my mind. Drenched with plenty of synth goodness, Broken was an infectious tune which you’ll never forget. Lexie’s vocals were rather blissful and this was a well written number aided by vibrant verses and a refreshing chorus.

Beg: The dreamy Beg left me in a trance. Along with the thumping electronic beats you also had Jay’s gorgeous vocal tones. Literally I found these to be rather hypnotic. Anyways this number was pure synth pop aided by smooth lyrics which had me hooked from the word go.

Give A Little: When this fantastic tune came on, my mind was literally blown. Lexie’s sweet vocals were complimented by Jon’s vocals. Give A Little oozed plenty of synths then you had the constant drumbeats all throughout. This song had been splendidly written as the luscious verses left me utterly enthralled.

Baby Come Home: Plenty of electronic beats were played throughout this enchanting tune. This wondrous upbeat electo pop cut was literally packed with a punch because those fresh and funky lyrics can easily have you moving. Actually on my first listen thoughts of Carly Rae Jepsen’s LA Hallucinations came to mind.

Sticks And Stones: Now Sticks And Stones was a slow paced electro pop song which literally hypnotised me. Along with Lexie Jay’s candy coated vocals, you also had Jon Federson who added in the harmonies. This was an extraordinary tune with superb lyrics which had me hooked.

Make Me: I found Make Me to be a wondrous synth pop number aided by spectacular lyrics which left me smiling until the very in. This delicious song had a frantic pace and Jay’s mesmerising vocals infused to the melody perfectly.

Memorize: There was a retro flavour to the majestical Memorize. Just listening to this number leaves me utterly compelled. Everything about this tune was spot on, the vocals were pure perfection and Lexie’s vocal delivery enticed me. On the whole Memorize had been perfectly written along with lyrics which were like a breath of fresh air.

Hardest Game: This is a tune I well and truly adore. Hardest Game was ever so dreamy whilst smothered with plenty of twinkling synths. The uplifting melody left me spellbound and the exquisite lyrics/ vocals were simply faultless.

Procession: Crave ends with this sparkling song. When listening to this stunning tune I literally have to take a step back. Procession started off at a steady pace then halfway in it was literally like an explosion. Written to perfection it came as no surprise they made a music video for this epic song. Lexie’s flawless vocals were both light and fluffy, then you had Jon who played the keys all throughout. I really liked the fact this wondrous cut offered a narrative.

OVERALL: Featurette are onto a good thing here, both Lexie and Jon have an album which is a sheer masterpiece. This record was actually released in 2015 but it came in the form of 2 EPs and this being Crave Volume 1 and Crave Volume 2.

Now I love my synth pop and that’s why Crave has been an addiction. It is pretty ironic really as once you listen to this record the once you are left craving more. Lexie Jay’s vocals were a candy coated confection which can quite easily give you a sugar rush.

I can actually see similarities between both Phantogram and Broods. All in all Crave was an outstanding record and I for one cannot wait to hear more from these talented Canadian’s in the future.

You can purchase Crave from iTunes

Official Site


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