Sunfreakz Ft Whitney Tai: Truth Be Told Single Preview


Whitney Tai is a talented singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from New York. I first came across her after falling in love with the Forever EP which featured the likes of Falling and Forever. Those two tracks greatly impressed me leaving me to delve into Tai’s background. What I discovered was the debut EP Metamorphosis. Now this stunning mini album consisted of 7 shimmering tunes.

This July Tai released an Indiegogo campaign. This would be to achieve funding to make a music video for Truth Be Told. Now this saw Whitney pair up with Belgian producer Sunfreakz again (he actually worked on the Metamorphosis EP). Now the fruits of their labour was Truth Be Told which is an epic dance track. I heard snippets of this incredible song which then led to me donating to the campaign.

This delightful single is released on 1st November and I’ve been lucky enough to hear the actual Radio Edit and Oh My God this number is literally amazing. Whitney’s vocals were smooth and extremely dreamy at the same time. Also the hookable lyrics were incredibly beautiful “Truth Be Told I’m falling/ But this time it’s for me/ What an affair it’s been/ To love my own skin/ To see the best in me”. Finally you had Sunfreakz who provided all the electronic dance beats which gave the tune that epicness.

Other than having listened to this enchanting song in its entirety, I’ve also been lucky enough to see the Official Music Video. All I can say about this video is WOW. The perfectly produced Truth Be Told was a colourful masterpiece and Tai’s vocals were on point.

Official Site


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