Omar Alhindi: Bedhead Level 1 Album Preview


Signed to Tyme Records, 28th October will see the release of Omar’s debut LP. This sensational album consists of 8 delightful songs which are drenched in plenty of pop/ R&B goodness. Having been impressed with the Back To Me EP, I’ve managed to get a sneak peek of the new record Bedhead Level 1. I must say this full length is literally incredible, Alhindi’s vocal tones are so smooth. Now this album is an exploration of relationships, sensuality, and a celebration of falling in, and out, of love.

My Intentions: Opening up this startling record is this delightful tune. Now My Intentions was a sleek R&B tinged song which Alhindi delivers to perfection. Those lyrics were so chilled out and the vocals left me utterly entranced. On my first play of this sumptuous song left me having visions of Justin Bieber. My Intentions was an emotional ballad and those story telling lyrics did tug at my heartstrings “I wanna be with you when we grow up/ That’s what she said, don’t know how I feel about it/ I just can’t stop thinking about you baby/ No, why can’t we be just friends”.

Dear June: Starting off with some twinkling chimes, Dear June was a penned letter to a girl called June. When focusing on the delectable lyrics you realise June is an ex girl friend who Omar still has feelings for. This girl has moved away and has a new partner “Dear June/ I hope he makes you happier than I could”. Actually those perfectly written story telling lyrics were tinged with emotion.

Don’t Take My Love Away: Now this number was an refreshing R&B jam. Actually it was different compared to the likes of My Intentions and Dear June, the reason this was an epic upbeat song which left me completely hooked. However it revolves around the same thing and this being love. Don’t Take My Love Away saw Alhindi finally move on from his ex “I don’t need a fantasy/ Coz I found the one for me”. Plenty of warmth radiated from those wonderful fluffy lyrics.

Dance All Night: This was the first song to be lifted from this phenomenal LP. This captivating cut has me picturing a pool party on a blazing hot Summers day. Dance All Night was a feel good love anthem with glittering lyrics which make you want to dance. Just listening to those hypnotic sun blushed lyrics leaves me with a warm happy feeling. To sum things up the feel good Dance All Night was perfectly pop and it had been well crafted

Neverland: This whimsical cut started off stripped back, accompanying Alhindi’s dreamy vocals you had the ukulele. Then the drum beats came and that was the moment this delicious song gained that extra oomph. “Let’s fly away/ Together babe/ To Neverland/ Let’s run away/ We can do what ever we want to do”. With the title Neverland you would be right to assume Peter Pan is an influence. Still this was extremely cheerful and beautiful at the same time. Those gorgeous lyrics left me utterly hooked.

Mine Tonight: Mine Tonight was a whimsical piano ballad aided by lovely lyrics which left me completely spellbound. This majestical song had been written to perfection, Omar Alhindi’s vocal tones were smooth like butter and they literally sent chills up my spine. Mine Tonight was ever so relaxing plus it was aided by vibrant verses and a sleek chorus.

Lust: Just listening to this number left me captivated until the very end. Lust was a catchy upbeat tune smothered in plenty of R&B goodness.

Stay Strong: Now I adored each tune on this record but when it comes to picking a favourite this slightly edges. The reason being this song is extremely personal and I wont lie but it brought a lump to my throat whilst listening. Anyways Stay Strong is an emotional ballad which Omar wrote after his Grandma lost her battle with cancer. From the lyrics you can tell his Grandma was a huge part of his life.

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