FELIN: Bored Single Review

Having already released a trio of spectacular singles in 2015/ 16 (Revolt, Teenage Soul and In Your Arms) FELIN have just dropped their debut single Bored on the Sony Music imprint. Coming all the way from Sweden this tantalising two piece consist of singer/ songwriter Elin Blom and photographer/ director Fredrik Etoall (Fredrik is the F in Felin). They have already worked with the likes of Icona Pop, Tove Lo, The Rolling Stones and Adam Lambert.

Now I love my Scandinavian Pop and this single literally blows my mind. Bored was an edgy anthem aided by Blom’s powerful/ hypnotic vocal tones. In fact on my very first listen of this compelling cut I could see similarities with another male/ female duo I like and this being Sleigh Bells. Everything about Bored was superb, for starters this single is incredibly infectious and secondly Blom’s vocal tones oozed plenty of energy. Seriously Elin is an fantastic songwriter. “It is a song for all the young restless souls out there, consumed by the consumer society” Blom says of this enthralling number.

This captivating song was co-produced by Elin herself together with Jenny & Cecilia Vaz and I must say it’s an utter masterpiece.

You can purchase Bored from iTunes

Official Site


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