Cindy Alma: Sad Song Single Review


Cindy Alma was born in Marseilles, France to a French Algerian father and French Moroccan mother. A month ago I featured her on this blog and the tunes she currently has under her belt left me hypnotised. Not only is Alma a talented singer but she’s an outstanding songwriter.

There was one song that stood out and it just so happens it’s the latest single. Now Sad Song featured on the soundtrack to the film Honey 3: Dare To Dance which went direct to DVD and this track is a right corker. It’s actually about how difficult it can be sometimes to be an artist. Despite the fact this luscious dance pop cut oozed plenty of fun vibes, Cindy Alma wrote this when she was going through a tough time in her career.

Aside from all that, this is a captivating cut aided by Alma’s sweet refreshing vocals. Regarding the melody I found it to be extremely chilled out. Just having this song on repeat makes me intrigued for more original cuts in the future.

Recently Cindy dropped her brand new video for Sad Song which combines her love for dance and her passion for singing. Set in a dance studio this simplistic music video had been perfectly choreographed.

Just watching this spectacular music video the whole performance reminds me of Canadian singer Kiesza.

Sad Song is available to purchase on iTunes



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