Daily Dig: Night Talks



Coming all the way from Los Angeles, California are alternative rock band Night Talks whom formed in the Spring of 2013. This fantastic 4 piece compromise of Soraya Sebghati (Vocals), Jacob Butler (Guitar), Josh Arteaga (Bass) and Cris Arteaga (Drums). In fact Sebghati, Butler and Cris Arteaga already worked together since they formed Blacktop Saints a few years prior. So far they have released 2 singles independently and these being both Green in May and last month saw the release of the insatiable Mr Bloom. Both Soraya and Jacob are impeccable songwriters. Based on those two singles I’m intrigued to get my hands on debut album In Dreams next year.

Now I love listening to brand new bands/ artists and Night Talks are right up my street. At the fore front of this band is Soraya Sebghati and her vocal abilities are utterly gorgeous.

Green: On 3rd May Night Talks dropped this sensational single. Green is an incredible rock ballad with superb contagious lyrics. Sebghati’s smooth vocal tones complimented the rock melody to perfection. The lyrics talk about the Green Eyed Monster AKA Jealousy. “Green monster you made out of me, seen things nobody wants to see”. On the whole this number was extraordinary, the verses were fantastic whilst the smoothness of the chorus left me completely hypnotised. When compared to Mr Bloom this song is slightly more rockier.

Mr Bloom: We then move to September, Night Talks released the exceptional sophomore single and this being Mr Bloom. The official music video appeared on YouTube a couple of weeks ago and this being a colourful kaleidoscopic explosion. The sound to this number is completely different when compared to the debut single. Mr Bloom was a dream like number which left me in a daze. Soraya’s vocals were both fluffy and light which sent shivers up the back of my neck. Mr Bloom had been superbly crafted with vibrant verses and an enthralling chorus which left me well and truly mesmerised “You just have so much to say it’s/ All too soon, Mr. Bloom/ You can’t make it go away/ You’ve got to choose, Mr. Bloom”. This fun filled tune uplifted me and the smoothness of the vocals left me grinning from the beginning to the very end.

Finally Night Talks are onto a good thing here. The 2 tracks out there at the moment are sizzling hot and these make me anticipate the release of debut LP In Dreams next year. The way both Green and Mr Bloom had been crafted was literally out of this world. Actually the compelling Mr Bloom had me tapping my toe whilst I was watching the official music video.

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