Omar Alhindi: Stay Strong Single Review

Born and raised in California is the impressive Omar Alhindi. Signed to Tyme Records, 28th October will see the release of debut album Bedhead Level 1. I’ve had the great privilege of hearing that LP ahead of the release date and I must say the 8 featured tracks are sensational.

Omar was signed when he was only 15 and this rising pop star has already gone on to release the Back To Me EP which spawned the singles Back To Me and Twisted.

Stay Strong is the brand new single taken from the Bedhead Level 1 LP. This is a slow paced pop ballad with emotional lyrics. In fact this tune is extremely personal because Alhindi wrote this after the death of his grandmother, who lost her battle with cancer “I pray for you at night/ And every time I close my eyes/ You’re all I can remember/ Ever since I was a child/ Share the good and share the bad/ And there were times when we were sad/ But we would pull through it together/ Yeah you were there, yeah you would remember”.

Honestly just listening to this tune leaves me with a lump in my throat because from the lyrics you can tell Alhindi’s Grandma meant an awful lot to him “You are my inspiration/ You are why I’ve come so far”.

Half of the proceeds for each digital sale will be donated to The American Cancer Society to aid in their mission to help people stay well, get well, and fight back against cancer.

You can purchase Stay Strong from iTunes

Official Site


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