Jerry Williams @ Servant Jazz Quarters 3rd October 2016


The Let’s Forget About It tour saw Jerry Williams embark on a short 5 day jaunt of the United Kingdom. This talented 20 year old comes all the way from Portsmouth and already has 3 EPs to her name. Now the most recent being Let’s Forget About It which consists of 4 outstanding originals and a sublime rendition of The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry. From the material I’ve witnessed I’m stunned that Jerry is an independent artist.

Aside from all of that the Servants Jazz Quarters was the location for the London date. The moment this tour was announced I snapped up a ticket immediately. At 8.45pm Jerry promptly took the stage with her band. The showcase consisted of 12 sensational songs each of which left me completely hypnotised. If I was to describe the set in one word it would be electrifying. It was Boy Oh Boy which opened up this exquisite event. Now this succulent song was rather pacey aided by catchy lyrics which had me moving in my seat “Boy Oh Boy, Oh Boy/ I hate you but I love you”. This tune was literally superb and Williams’s vocal tones were sweet like chocolate. Whilst Boy Oh Boy was a charming folk/ pop tune the backing band gave it that added edge. “Hello everyone. Thank you so much for coming. It’s our first headline London show” Jerry mentioned to the intimate sold out audience. Oldie Cold Beer was a force to be reckoned with. I adored this sleek number and the story telling lyrics mentioned about a guy who likes to drink cold beer. “This next song we’re going to play was written about a night out I had with my cousin earlier this year. We both got a little tipsy” Williams said before diving into Cocktails With My Cousin. Basically it was love at first listen. This song left me mesmerised and the quirky fluffy lyrics left me smiling from beginning to end. Plenty of pop vibes radiated from this tune, the verses were extremely smooth but my highlight had to be the pacey chorus which left me hooked “So I went out for Cocktails With My Cousin/ And you walked in and my mind started running/ Looking at the one, I wish I never got so drunk/ Stay out late for Cocktails With My Cousin/ And you walked in and my mind started running/ Looking at the one, I wish I never got so drunk”. Just hearing this delightful song makes me relish Jerry Williams’s next move. It was then time for something from the brand new EP and this being Velcro. This was an upbeat jam with infectious lyrics. Velcro told the story about a relationship that’s come to an end but the girl cannot let go “I just can’t let go/ I’m stuck on you like Velcro”. Jerry’s vocals were sweet like honey and were extremely whimsical at the same time. Straight after it was then time for a band version take on Jamie T’s If You Got The Money. The gorgeous vocal delivery reminded me of Lucy Spraggan. Jerry’s take on this fantastic number left me lost for words. “It’s about dreaming, being somewhere else”  Williams then mentioned before singing the wondrous Pacific. This was a terrific new cut which Jerry showcased for the first time in Portsmouth the day before. Everything about this number was spot on, the vocal tones were extremely smooth and the lyrics left me spellbound. “We look out on the Atlantic/ I thinking it’s so romantic/ You want me to be specific/ We look out on the Pacific”. The verses were upbeat and what could be the bridge “Anywhere but you/ I want to feel confused” was rather chilled out. Williams delivered this powerful number with plenty of gusto. It was then onto something released a couple of months ago and this being Mother which features on the new EP.  Anyhow Mother was literally an upbeat roller coaster ride with an out of this world vocal delivery by Jerry. So much energy oozed from the performance and all in all this delectable song was over in a flash. I’m Not In Love With You was about falling out of love “I’m Not In Love With You/ But I guessed I used to be” and Williams’s vocals were beautiful. Regarding this song I found it to be rather hypnotising and the splendid lyrics left me completely hooked.“I’m so proud of this song” Jerry then humbly said before diving into the EPs title track and this being Let’s Just Forget It. The vocals were rather distinctive and this was a luscious cut about being in love “Honey you said it better/ Than I could ever say it/ Just hold your arms arms around me/ They screw up Let’s just forget it / Honey you said it better/ And I bet you regret it/ Cradle me like a baby/ They screw up Let’s just forget it”. “This is another cover. It’s one of my favourite songs” Jerry Williams mentioned before singing her own interpretation on The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry. I have to say this was an outstanding take on this well known song. Jerry’s impeccable vocals resulted in something that was extremely chilled out. “This next song is probably the oldest song on the set. I wrote it at home in my bathroom” Williams said before the spellbinding Film Noir. The vocals literally sent shivers up my spine. Things then came to an end with the delectable Left + Right.  This was delivered at a fast pace and the lyrics were rather catchy. Plenty of country vibes flowed from this song.

Once the curtain had closed the audience wanted to hear more. Despite not having an encore listed on the set list Jerry Williams gave into peer pressure. “It was written about someone I used to really care about and fancy I guess” Jerry Williams said going into the luscious Our Song. This number was incredibly beautiful with vocals reminiscent to Gabrielle Aplin. Whilst sounding rather enchanting there was sadness within the lyrics as it depicted someone that Jerry has lost from her life “It was you who I loved/ If you cut me open then your name was in my blood/ t was you who I saw/ But you wasn’t there and you promised me, you swore”. A part of this number reminded me of Slow Club. Mother was delivered at a frantic pace and it ended what had been a sensational evening.


Boy Oh Boy
Cold Beer
Cocktails With My Cousin
If You’ve Got The Money
I’m Not In Love With You
Let’s Forget About It
Boys Don’t Cry
Film Noir
Left And Right


Our Song


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