Jerry Williams: Let’s Just Forget It EP Review


Last Friday (30th September) saw the impeccable Jerry Williams release the tantalising Let’s Just Forget It EP. Released on Sunglasses Records this mini album featured 5 tasty tunes. 4 were originals and the other being a take on The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry. Also Let’s Just Forget It has been nominated in the Best Album/ EP category at the Unsigned Music Awards.

Coming all the way from Portsmouth Jerry began her career in the music industry when she was only 18. Back then her debut EP was A Hairdressers Called Sids and the sophomore Cold Beer EP followed on a year later. Now no longer a teenager 20 year old Jerry Williams has released something rather extraordinary. Not only is she an extraordinary singer but she’s also an impeccable songwriter.

Mother: Things get off to a positive start with this spectacular song. Having been released as the lead single, Mother has already garnered 2 Million streams on Spotify. Now this cut was literally a roller coaster ride with contagious lyrics which left me hooked. Other than being ever so dreamy you also had rock vibes. This had been well crafted and my favourite part has to be the powerful chorus “But yeah in a way everything changes/ Maybe for the better changes take ages/ I run through the rain in the town I was born/ I need to get back to where I started/ Mother, don’t feel myself Mother/ Mother don’t feel myself”. All in all Mother was a groovy number which packed a punch. Actually some of the guitar riffs reminded me of an early Vampire Weekend.

I’m Not In Love With You: This tune was about falling out of love “I’m Not In Love With You/ Like I was earlier” and Williams’s vocal delivery was ever so sweet. Whenever I play this song I get shivers up my spine. All in all I really adored the quirkiness of Jerry’s storytelling lyrics which left me spellbound in the process.

Vercro: This was a slick jam with uber catchy lyrics about a relationship that has come to an end but the girl cannot let go “Round about 5 o clock/ I’m thing of leaving/ But I’m stuck to you like honey/ We could be sweet like cinnamon”. This showcased Jerry’s sublime songwriting skills and the story told was rather emotional. From the lyrics I’m picturing a failing relationship but the girl is so in love with this guy she cannot let go “You treat me like/ Yesterdays paper a Bacardi chaser/ But when you laugh with me later/ There ain’t nothing greater”.  Jerry’s vocals were on point and Velcro is one phenomenal song.

Let’s Forget About It: The self titled tune is an emotional roller coaster. This number was a collaboration with Dan Brown, who co-wrote and produced the track. Jerry’s vocals were rather distinctive and this was a steady paced luscious cut about being in love “Honey you said it better/ Than I could ever say it/ Just hold your arms arms around me/ They screw up Let’s just forget it / Honey you said it better/ And I bet you regret it/ Cradle me like a baby/ They screw up Let’s just forget it”. Also on the same day the EP dropped Jerry Williiams released the music video for this tune. This impressive video was filmed in one-take on West Witterings beach near Portsmouth over the rain-lashed sand.

Boys Don’t Cry: This sizzling EP came to a close with this whimsical tune. Originally a hit for The Cure, Jerry Williams has made her very own refreshing interpretation of this song. Just listening to this mellowing version leaves me utterly transfixed.

You can purchase the Let’s Just Forget It EP from iTunes


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